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Bodi Nightclub - Birthday Bottle Service

09 Apr 21st birthday party Chicago

When planning a 21st birthday party Chicago, there are several great clubs to host the event at. If you don’t want to go to the heart of downtown, Dolphin is a great club in Lincoln Park. With several rooms, a world class DJ, and a variety of the latest music styles, it is a club the younger crowd will love. For those who like a ritzier style, and want to go downtown, River North is a great locale; Castle is a great club to visit. Plus, you might spot some of the hottest celebrities in the club.

Bodi Nightclub - Birthday Bottle Service

Bodi is also a great club for those who want to enjoy a unique atmosphere. It features two floors, and something for every crowd, including great music, and it is a part of the top 100 clubs in the US. 8fifty8 is a club in West Loop. For the eclectic crowd, it is sure to please. Bevy, Board Room, and Hearts, are all great options as well, for the 21st birthday party Chicago festivities that you have planned for guests, and the party recipient.

Save on a package deal

If you are having a party with more than 20 guests, the no cost VIP party is a great option. It offers a free bottle of champagne, and it also offers guests a VIP table, and guest list. You decide who stays on the list, and who is going to be invited to the party. If you are having a party with a smaller group, another option to consider is our bottle service package. You receive a free bottle, when you purchase a bottle; and, you also have a guest list and VIP table, for all who are going to be in attendance.

Of course this is not only going to help you save on the cost of planning the party, it is also a great way to ensure everything goes smoothly. You won’t have to wait out in a long line, at some of these hottest clubs; rather, a table will be set up and waiting for you, and the guests who are invited to the party. Our VIP reservation specialist is going to work with you, to plan the perfect party. Not only will we make sure everything is set up, we also guarantee that you and your group of friends will be admitted to the club, and won’t have to wait in exhaustive lines for several hours. You will enjoy the entire evening, and you will find that the price savings are immense, when you choose one of our two package options.

Enjoyment for all guests

As any of these Chicago hot spots feature the top DJs in the city, a large dance floor, and the best music from today, all guests will have a great time when you plan the 21st birthday party Chicago at any one of the top clubs on the list. Depending on the type of guest, and who the party is being held for, different clubs will be a better option for some guests than for others. Our reservation specialist is also going to work with you, to help you choose the right club. As we feature our services in so many of the top clubs in the city, our team will inquire about the guests, what they enjoy, and the type of atmosphere you want to celebrate in, to help you select the venue, and to choose the venue which is going to be appreciated by all who are in attendance at the party.

A 21st birthday is one which the guest of honor is going to want to remember. For this reason, if you are planning it for them, why not celebrate at one of the biggest, and most well known Chicago night clubs. We will not only help plan the 21st birthday party Chicago, we will also help you decide on the ideal location for the party and guests who will attend. And, with one of the two options we have, you will greatly save on the cost of planning. Book a package today, so that you, and all guests who will be attending, can enjoy the party, the great music, the lively crowd, and VIP service, during the party festivities you have in mind.

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