30th birthday ideas Chicago

30th Birthday Party Chicago - Birthday Bottle Service

21 Apr 30th birthday ideas Chicago

If you are planning a party for a best friend, a family member, or a spouse, and can’t think of anything enjoyable for all guests, one of the best 30th birthday ideas Chicago is to visit one of the top Chicago clubs in the city. There are quite a few to choose from. Bodi is a great club if you have a diversified guest list. It features two floors, with completely different atmospheres, allowing guests to choose the music, the crowd, and the type of evening that suits the best. Dolphin is another great venue for a group in their thirties. It features a patio, indoor dance room, as well as several other rooms, for lounging and enjoyment. And, with a world class DJ, it features something that everyone will enjoy, and a diversified music style.

30th Birthday Party Chicago - Birthday Bottle Service

Search all Chicago Venues

There are a number of great clubs to choose from. Hearts is for a group that likes a contemporary style, and laid back venue. 8fifty 8 is for the crowd that likes modern design, and some of the latest hits. Board Room, Sound Bar, and Revy, are a few of the other clubs to consider, when you are planning the party. Any of these venues would make for great 30th birthday ideas Chicago, and would also provide the perfect atmosphere, for all guests who are attending.

Choose a package deal

If you have a large group that is going to attend the party, the simple solution is a VIP package. If you want to toast with champagne, and great drinks, and if you are inviting a large group of 20 or more people, the no cost package is the solution. It also allows you to set up the guest list, and you receive a table that is large enough to accommodate all of the guests who are going to be in attendance at the 30th birthday. The second option to consider is the bottle service. With this you are going to receive one free bottle when you purchase a bottle. So, if you have guests who enjoy different drinks, and do not all have the same taste, it is a great package deal. You also receive the guest list, and the table for all guests, but do not have to invite a group of 20 or more.

With both packages, a VIP coordinator is going to work with you. Not only is a specialist from our team going to help you decide on the right venue, they will also work with you to determine which of the two packages is the best option for your group. And, will work to help you determine which package is ideal for the group of guests who are going to be present, based on the number of guests, and the type of drinks you want to order, for the guests who are invited. We take the time to ensure the party is perfectly set up, everyone will enjoy themselves, and of course, that you save on the price when you plan a package with our event coordinator.

Last minute solution

Even if you are planning the party, and need a last minute solution, our coordinators can work with you, to plan that party. You won’t have to worry about everyone getting in to the club, on an overbooked night; and, you won’t have to wait several hours, to make your way in to some of the hottest clubs in the city. We can book a VIP table for you, and all guests, guaranteeing access to the hottest clubs, no matter what night of the week you choose to plan the party, or how many guests you are going to have with you on the night.

If you are looking for some of the best 30th birthday ideas Chicago, don’t look much further. With a VIP package for you and your guests, not only will you plan the perfect party for the individual who is turning 30, but for all guests who are in attendance as well. Everyone is bound to have a great time, the guest of honor is sure to enjoy the night, and you can celebrate with your closest friends and relatives, on a night that is special for the individual whom the party is hosted for.

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