5 of the Best Hip Hop Clubs in NYC

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17 Jul 5 of the Best Hip Hop Clubs in NYC

Looking to celebrate your big day in NYC? If you want to have a blast during this special day, then make sure you invite some friends and head off to the coolest hip hop clubs in NYC that can give you the best party you’ll never forget. Dance the night away and have a couple of drinks – after all, you deserve it!

Top 5 of the Finest Hip Hop Clubs in NYC

Choosing from dozens of hip hop clubs in the Big Apple can be overwhelming. What’s more, there are some clubs that also cater to other music genres other than hip hop, so these may not be what you are after. So, to help you select from the best clubs to go to, check out this list of must-visit hip hop clubs in the city.

1. Attic NYC

attic-nycIf you happen to be just around Manhattan, then you may want to visit an awesome rooftop lounge that features a stunning terrace at the Attic NYC. This NYC hip hop club overlooks the corner of Manhattan’s 48th and 8th avenues. At first glance, it appears to be everything you have ever wanted in a great club to celebrate your birthday, but there’s more to see once you enter the lounge.

Attic NYC features a laid-back vibe that is exactly how hip hop clubs should be. Located just above Hilton Hotel, this chic club is packed with a large crowd during summer and spring. It even exudes an atmosphere almost similar to the overall feel at Louis XVI Chateau, but with a modern appeal because of its well-lit rooms with spiked tentacles featuring brilliant LED lights.

The views surrounding the club is also refreshing, as it features the relaxing image of the Hudson and Hells Kitchen. Most importantly, the music is invigorating at best. You’ll hear top 40 and hip hop music until the break of dawn, so you’ll have the time of your life dancing for hours to the beat of the best mixes spun by Djs at the club.

2. M1-5 Lounge

M1-5 LoungeThe name of this huge, red-walled hangout refers to Tribeca’s zoning ordinance, which permits trendy restaurants to coexist with warehouses. The mixed-use concept also applies to M1-5 Lounge’s crowd: Suited brokers shoot pool next to indie screenwriters. Both come out for a full, well-stocked bar specializing in stiff martinis.

M1-5 Lounge is located between Chinatown and Tribeca. Inside you will find a bold, black and red interior with exposed bulb chandeliers and murals decorating the walls.

High ceilings and pool tables reflect nearby industrial influence. Host your next birthday party, corporate outing, or single’s night at this dance and lounge spot.

3. bOb Bar

Small, lively bar where DJs spin hip-hop most nights and the dance floor is often packed. This venue doesn’t start to party until late. bOb NYC is known for playing some of the best hip hop in Manhattan. bOb NYC is perfect for young travelers in New York City looking for the best dance atmosphere Manhattan has to offer. Enjoy a sweaty, crowded party in NYC ar the bOb Bar NY.

4. The Raven

the-raven-nycThe Raven NYC is a 2,400 square foot subterranean lounge and club located in the heart of the Meatpacking District.  Creative director Henry Stimler put together the interior design including red lighting, mirrors dusted with words, low ceilings, and waitresses flaunting black dresses made of rubber.

With a medium sized capacity of 400 DJ’s have no problem playing hip hop or house hits to keep the party going until early morning.  The scene here is both intimate and upscale with dim lighting and a cozy decor.  Be sure to reserve a bottle service or guest list package ahead of time to ensure a hassle-free night out with your friends at The Raven NYC!

5. Co-op Rivington Hotel

Hotel Bars NYC 2013 - CO-OP Rivington Hotel - Birthday Bottle ServiceWeekend nights are kept alive by DJs playing the latest hip hop beats and Co-Op’s master mixologist, Max Petrich. The cocktail list at Co-Op Rivington Hotel boasts seasonal creations created with the best herbs, fruits, and vegetables from local markets. You won’t want to miss one of the hottest new lounges with drinks like the Pink Bazooka (vodka, basil, watermelon juice, and frozen coconut water) and a handful of truffle popcorn.

Book a Club for Your Upcoming Birthday

If you are looking to celebrate your birthday in NYC, then these great selections of clubs can help you get started in choosing the best place to visit. Each of these clubs have its own unique features that will captivate you and make you want to visit more often. Just be sure to invite a lot of people along with you to boost your overall partying experience.

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