8 Steps to a Fantastic Holiday Office Party

holiday office party

07 Nov 8 Steps to a Fantastic Holiday Office Party

Although it seems like 2017 just started, Christmas is already around the corner. If you’re in charge of planning a holiday office party this year, you might be scouring the internet for advice and tips. We’ve got you covered and have compiled 8 steps for the perfect holiday party for your office.

8 Steps to a Fantastic Holiday Office Party

Everyone’s office is different, and some tips will suit your company’s needs better than others. Pick and choose the options that are best for you!

  1. Invitations

holiday office partyIf you haven’t done so already, you may want to consider sending out invitations now. December is prime time for traditional holiday celebrations such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, and people are going to be making plans with friends and family well in advance.

Specify in advance whether or not it’s a family-friendly gathering, the theme of the night, and a schedule of events if applicable.

  1. Food

Food is one of the best parts about the holidays. Whether you’re catering or planning a potluck, it’s best to sort out who’s bringing what well in advance to avoid any surprises.

By sending out a memo asking about dietary restrictions or preferences, you can easily anticipate and accommodate special requests.

  1. Drinks

Boozy holiday punch is a party standby for many reasons, not the least of which is the convenience! It’s easy to not only provide festive drinks for the masses, but keep the party vibe going with themed drinks.

Water is a must, and having non-alcoholic options like juice or ‘mocktails’ will ensure that everyone has a choice that’s right for them. Hot cocoa is always a hit when the weather is cold, and is ideal with marshmallows if kids are going to be in attendance.

  1. Decorations

holiday office partyWhat’s an office holiday party without decorations to get everyone into the holiday spirit? A quick trip to your local dollar or party shop will score you some perfect yet affordable supplies.

Ask around for volunteers to help with decoration and setup – there are sure to be a few people who love decorating for the holidays!

  1. Delegate

There is a lot to do when planning any party, especially with the gift buying and family obligations of the holiday season.

Send out a volunteer sheet for a party planning committee to help spread the work around. Tasks you can easily outsource include menu planning, supply purchasing, and decoration purchasing and setup. That way, it doesn’t all fall on one person to ensure that the night goes smoothly.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Location is one of the most important parts of planning a holiday office party. If your company is small, then it may be easy to reserve a private room in a restaurant or host it at the office. If your company is large, however, you may want to consider a larger, specialized venue with food and beverage catering options.

You’ll also need to consider distance when choosing a location. A party that is far out of town, or which is not convenient to guests, is likely to end up with low attendance.

  1. Transportation

It’s always a good idea to make sure all of your employees have a way to return home safely, especially if you are serving alcoholic drinks at the party. Most cities have Uber, Lyft, or cab services to help ensure that the night ends well!

  1. Call Birthday Bottle Service

holiday office partyIf you’re swamped between your holiday obligations and planning a holiday office party, call Birthday Bottle Service. We’re a free party-planning service that will help you simplify the challenge of finding the perfect venue for your holiday office party in NYC, Boston, Chicago, or Los Angeles. We coordinate with the venues to ensure that your party has the perfect setup for an awesome night.

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