Ideas for Throwing an April Fools Day Party

April Fools Day party Ideas

07 Mar Ideas for Throwing an April Fools Day Party

Not many people may know about this, but an April Fools Day Party is the perfect way to start April with a bang. This unofficial holiday is a great day to throw a party that will be perfect for friends to get together and celebrate the joy of playing pranks with each other. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some April Fools Day party Ideas that will leave your guests absolutely dumbfounded!

Why Celebrate April Fools Day?

The main goal of celebrating April Fools Day is generally just to have an entire day of fun and excitement. As such, the focus around April Fools Day party ideas should be through means of practical jokes, tricks and lots of fun laughter.

April Fools Day Party Ideas

April Fools Day party IdeasIf you’re looking for April Fools Day party ideas, you can start with deciding what goes on your invitation cards; the joke starts the moment the invitations go out.

For a less intense joke, you can choose to print your cards as a mirror image so that your guests will have a hard time reading it. If you want to take things a little further, try leaving the address of the party in riddles or in double meanings so your guests will have a hard time figuring out where to go, and may even turn up at a wrong location.

For decorations, try setting up practical jokes around the location such as fart bags, and maybe even realistic looking toy snakes and insects. The possibilities are endless!

Once the party gets started, you can opt for games such as a white elephant gift exchange where your guests have to bring the most useless gift for another person. Imagine the amount of fun your guests will have!

Ideas for Food Pranks

No party is complete without food. An April Fools Day party should include at least one or two food pranks, so consider featuring some delicious looking food that is likely not edible for your guests!

  • April Fools Day party IdeasLine your drinks station with lots of jello and watch as your guests look around the house for something to quench their thirst.
  • Think doughnuts filled with “jelly” which is actually ketchup sauce or even an Oreo tower made up of toothpaste filling.
  • For the main course, serve up some chicken pie filled with vanilla pudding and candies or pizzas that are in fact just ice cream.
  • For dessert, you can serve up some delicious looking cake which are actually just meatloaves coated with frosting.
  • Remember, though: you don’t want to overdo the food pranks as your guests are expecting at least some edible food that will not spoil their night!

Celebrating April Fools Day out on the Town

April Fools day can be a great time to throw a party but if all these sounds like a hassle to you, then perhaps you should consider getting a table at one of the best clubs around.

Birthday Bottle Service will assure that you will have an equally enjoyable time, less the hassle of preparation and finding a location. Simply drop us a message and we will get back to you at your nearest convenience with any special requests that you may have. Let us bring the joy of April Fools Day to you and your friends!

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