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retro club nyc

16 Aug Where to Go for a Retro Nightclub Experience in NYC

Hotel Chantelle Take ‘Throwback Thursday’ to another level by visiting Hotel Chantelle. Despite the name, this venue is not a hotel. Check in for an evening of great food, drinks, and truly unique ambiance at this retro club NYC. Inspired by nightlife hotspots of the past, this...

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top chicago djs

14 Jun EDM Hotspots in Chicago

Cities like LA and NYC usually get the spotlight when it comes to the EDM scene. The world’s best DJs bring celebrities and EDM fans alike to these cities and their big, popular venues. Most people don’t think of the Midwest when it comes to EDM...

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date night with your best friend in nyc

24 May Date Night With Your Best Friend In NYC

When it comes to going out with our best friends, good brunches, spa afternoons, and trips to the park spring to mind. But sometimes, it’s good to change up your routine and try something new. There’s something special about activities between friends which create memories...

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unique cocktail bars in nyc

17 May Unique Cocktail Bars in NYC 2016

We all know that New York is swimming in great cocktail bars. The art of mixology is more popular than ever, and new, original bars and lounges are opening all the time. The list of unique cocktail bars in NYC 2016 is vast, so let...

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where to party in nyc

10 May Where To Party in NYC

Party lovers can flock to NYC, the city that never sleeps, to find luxe lounges, bustling bars, and crazy clubs. But the nightlife in the city is more than music, burlesque, and comedy. There are so many places open throughout the night, you can find...

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Bachelor Party Ideas NYC

31 Jan The Best Bachelor Party Venues in NYC

Wedding season is just around the corner, which means that plenty of men will be waving goodbye to their marital freedom. As the ‘city that never sleeps’, NYC is the penultimate place to celebrate the last night of singlehood. Your party can easily last until the...

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How to Throw a Killer Fundraising Party - Birthday Bottle Service

27 Jan How to Throw a Killer Fundraising Party

There are plenty of ways to raise funds for your nonprofit. Hosting a walk or run, bake sales, hosting a street carnival, sporting events, or organize gift wrapping for shoppers during the holidays are just a few of the many ways to garner support for...

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20 Jan Ten Reasons to Throw A Party Without an Occasion

The holidays, birthdays, expecting mothers, and newly arrived babies always get all the attention when it comes to reasons to throw a party. But what about the rest of the year? Having friends or families over without an occasion is just as fun. Plus, without the...

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13 Jan How to Avoid a Hangover – Or Treat One!

Hangover symptoms manifest themselves in many different ways, from nausea to a throbbing headache, and everything between. The severity of your hangover is largely influenced by the amount of alcohol consumed. Learn how to avoid a hangover, or treat one if it’s too late! How to Avoid...

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23 Dec The Best Karaoke Bars in NYC

When people usually go to see a show, they pay professionals to perform a pre-planned production. Karaoke is a unique form of entertainment. Instead of applauding professionals on stage, you’re cheering for your friends, family, or coworkers. Some people love the suggestion of karaoke. The idea of...

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