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Beer Pong NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

16 Jan Beer Pong NYC Info

Beer pong is one of the most popular drinking games in the United States. Thousands of drinkers celebrate drinking every year by playing the popular game. It has become so popular that many reputable venues and bars are now holding nationally recognized tournaments, as well as recreational tournaments. New York City is one of the best places to be in the world if you are a fan of playing the popular drinking game. There is a ton of venues that host the game. Below we will discuss some of the best beer pong venues to get your fix.

Beer Pong NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

Top Beer Pong NYC Venues:

1. Beekman Beer Garden.

Beekman Beer Garden is easily one of the best venues to participate in beer pong NYC fun. This bar features an excellent view of the Brooklyn Bridge. It has plastic sofas and chairs that are strategically set up around the fire pits. Private parties can be reserved and set up accordingly. If you want a great venue, with incredible views, this is going to be one of your top choices. You cannot go wrong with this bar.

2. Amsterdam Billiards.

Amsterdam Billiards is another venue that excels at providing a great atmosphere for beer pong. This bar even features a permanent full size, light-up beer pong table that is located near the front bar. The staff can accommodate more tables if you need them. You can reserve the bar for your private parties, as well. This is a great place to hold an event and hold a beer pong tournament.

3. Slate NYC.

Slate NYC is another great venue that you can find beer pong being played at. You should be able to reserve a special section of the venue for your own private parties and tournaments. You will find a ton of space to utilize when you go to this bar. A living room atmosphere is created by the large and plush leather chairs that are scoured around the room.

4. Wicked Willy’s.

This is an excellent choice if you are looking to join in on some beer pong fun. This is a pirate sports bar that is located in the Village/NYU area. Therefore, you will see a ton of college kids and younger people in this venue. You will be able to utilize several lighted tables that provide ample room to hold a variety of fun games including beer pong. The beer is perfect for socializing and is ever so popular with the “Generation Y” crowd.

5. Greenwich Village Country Club.

The Greenwich Village Country Club is another great option for venues when trying to participate in beer pong NYC. This venue is located near Union Square. You can rent the space and throw a party. They will be able to accommodate your requests for beer pong tables, as well.

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