Best Nightlife in Boston’s Theatre District

best area in Boston for nightlife

28 Jun Best Nightlife in Boston’s Theatre District

Boston is a large city for locals and tourists alike. Finding the best area in Boston for nightlife can be tricky to track down. The Theatre District, nestled downtown next to refreshing greenery of The Commons, has some of the best nightclubs in Boston.


best area in Boston for nightlifeMusic and dance at Venu are tailored to a savvy, cultivated clientle. The cosmopolitan, chic design and decor compliment its modern, exclusive vibe.

Venue is a world-class venue for top quality DJs and performances, and features a state of the art sound system and innovative lighting to complete any night out.

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best area in Boston for nightlifeWith ultra modern and sleek decor and lighting, Candibar offers international music and dance for the 18+ crowd.

Your senses will be completely thrilled by a top-notch sound system and variable lighting system that responds to the beats and rhythm of what’s playing. If you’re in the mood for an immersive sensory experience, then Candibar is the nightclub for you.

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best area in Boston for nightlifeA night out at Guilt is a journey into a sensory experience that you won’t soon forget. This nightclub sets the mood with maroon hues and sultry tones, enveloping partygoers in a decadent ambiance.

Guilt offers an intimate experience with 5,000 square feet to party. This smaller yet energy-packed setting is perfect for grabbing a drink from one of the venue’s bars and getting to know each other.

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best area in Boston for nightlifeEvery Friday is an occasion to dance at Royale, where Sofa King Fridays feature regular local DJs as well as guest DJs from all over the world.

Music is the name of the game at Royale. You can catch concerts throughout the year with tickets sold in advance or at the door. There’s plenty of room to dance, socialize, and kick back with a drink in the spacious surroundings.

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