Best Lounges NYC for Birthdays

Best Lounges NYC for Birthdays - Birthday Bottle Service

22 Jan Best Lounges NYC for Birthdays

When you are trying to find the best lounges NYC for birthdays, you are going to need to do your research. There are tons of lounges in NYC to choose from. Finding a good one does not have to be difficult. You should be able to find one that can accommodate your party size and budget. Below we will discuss some of the best lounges NYC for birthdays.

Best Lounges NYC for Birthdays - Birthday Bottle Service

Five of the Best NYC Lounges for Birthdays:

1. The Windsor NYC.

The Windsor NYC is easily one of the best options for NYC lounges because combines upscale American bar classics with a European social atmosphere. It will be a great choice for any type of event that is going to require or calls or a lot of socialization. The reason is, there are leather sofas all over the place. It has a very upscale and comfortable atmosphere. This would be a good choice for virtually any venue.

2. Libation NYC.

Libation NYC is another great choice for a lounge for a birthday event. The reason why this is such a good lounge for a birthday event is because it is located on the lower east side and has great transportation options. This means that logistics will not be a problem. The average drink price hovers around $8. Therefore, it is not going to be an entirely too expensive place to hold a birthday event.

3. Highline Ballroom.

The Highline Ballroom makes this list because of its location, atmosphere, and enormous space. This venue can hold up to 400 people. Therefore, it can accommodate virtually any party size. Not to mention, it is located in the heart of Chelsea. Meaning, you will not have any transportation issues. A lot of the times, when people hold parties for birthdays, a ton of people are invited. It can be very difficult getting people on the same page as far as transportation and logistics are concerned.

4. The DL NYC.

The The DL NYC is another excellent venue to hold a birthday party. This venue offers outstanding views of the city. It also has excellent transportation options because it is located in lower east side. Reservation and table service are available on the weekends. This place is ideal for those that are looking to party hard and dance the night away.

5. Gallery Bar NYC.

The Gallery Bar NYC is also a top notch venue selection for a birthday party. The reason why the Gallery Bar NYC is such a good venue is because it is a bi-level lounge. This means that there will be plenty of room for virtually any party size. You do not have to worry about the venue being big enough to accommodate your party size. Plus, the separate bars make it an excellent place to host private parties. You do not have to share the space with a bunch of other people. You can simply rent out either the top or bottom bar and have a great time with the people that you know and love.

Finally, when you are deciding between all of the different venues listed above, it is important to know that if you book through, you will receive exclusive deals and benefits. Benefits such as; Buy One Get On Free Bottle Service, V.I.P guest service and even in some cases, a complimentary bottle of champagne. Each of these venues are excellent selections for birthday venues and should be taken into consideration when you are deciding between the different options that are available to you. These are easily the best lounges NYC for birthdays and other important events.

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