Best Sports Bars In NYC – 8 You Should Visit This Year

04 Feb Best Sports Bars In NYC – 8 You Should Visit This Year

If you are the type of person that enjoys watching sporting matches of all different sorts, you more than likely would also like visiting some of the best sports bars in NYC. There is something about being able to interact with the crowd, watching as players try their best to win, and especially come back matches where the underdog wins the game. Some people enjoy eating food while they are watching a game, not just drinking beer and alcohol, all the while having a great time with family and friends. If you are in the New York City area, here are some of the best sports bars that you can visit, ones that you will definitely want to come back to time and again.

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The Black Horse Pub

If you are like many of the millions of soccer fans, or European football fans that root for their favorite teams throughout the year, if you would like to catch up on all of the European matches, you might want to try to do so in an authentic British pub. Even if you have never been to England before, you will definitely appreciate the authenticity of this establishment just because of how professional and low-key that it actually is. You can actually get a full English breakfast, something that can prepare you for the over 15 different international beers that are on tap, allowing you to enjoy your favorite footy’s while you drink up and have a good time.

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Bronx Alehouse

Also referred to as the Boogie Down pub, you will have access to 10 or more flat screens, even a projector screen, that will be able to show you the latest soccer, NBA and NFL games without all of the usual hoopla. Patrons at this establishment are much more low-key, and the selection of 16 beers on tap will keep you loaded up the entire time. You can actually get something for as little as six dollars on tap, and there are also cans and bottles to choose from. It is the go to location for people that really enjoy having great beer, and a multitude of televisions to watch with all of the sporting events playing simultaneously.

Professor Thomís

If you are in Manhattan, you can come to this borough of Manhattan, a local watering hole called Professor Thomís. It has six booths that have individual televisions in each one, allowing you to change it to whatever channel you want in these semi private areas. It is perfect for watching a small, basketball, and any other type of sporting event that you would like, plus you can get pizza piping hot off the tray. This is a wonderful place to take friends, along with the friendly staff and house ale, you will enjoy every moment that you are there.

Boxers HK

For those that absolutely need to have a multitude of flat screens at their disposal, Boxers HK is the place to be. You can watch college and professional sports, including basketball and football, something that is perfect for people that are looking for a good time. Shirtless bartenders will actually pour your drinks, and it’s also great for happy hours. A great place to be for enjoying your favorite sports and getting access to some of the best alcohol in the area.


Again going back to soccer fans that are interested in watching European games, this is a perfect location for people that love American bruise, a selection of 24 total taps. You can actually get them for three dollars up until 8 o’clock, and four dollars after that. German black lager is also available, plus they do sell different types of food including pies and sausages.

The Irish Rover

This is another of the favorite locations for those that enjoy watching sports. Flat screens, central projector screens, and a full bar will allow you to get every possible drink that you could want. If your favorite thing to do is go to a location where people are talking about sporting events, The Irish Rover is the place to be, especially if you are looking for a pint of the finest Guinness in the New York City area.

Jack Demseyís

Anyone that has ever been a fan of professional boxing has obviously heard the name Jack Dempsey area is also a pub, one of the finest Irish pubs in the New York City area. You can also watch television on ESPN catching your favorite games. There are local crowds that watch the games religiously every week, people that you can meet up with to have fun with as well. With 12 televisions and an 8 foot flat screen, you will be sure to come back to watch the rugby, NFL, UFC and other sporting events, whichever one that is your favorite.

Pacific Standard

Finally, if you are into watching your favorite games with people that are primarily from the West Coast, this bar with 16 drafts and rear room projection TVs is a great place to come to when you need a place to relax. You can watch your favorite sports games, hook up with friends, and enjoy this Californian like atmosphere. It may be in New York City, but she will definitely think you are back in California.

Now that you have a better idea of different places to go to find the best sports bars in NYC, you will have exactly what you need in order to find your way to a local pub or bar to enjoy sporting events, drink beer, and even get something to eat while watching your favorite games. New York City always has a lot to offer and sports bars are definitely one of those things. Hopefully you will be able to frequent one or all of these locations and experience why so many people come back to these sports bars on a regular basis to enjoy what the best sports bars in NYC have to offer.

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