Birthday NYC – Great Ways to Celebrate Your Big Day in the City

Birthday NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

05 Jul Birthday NYC – Great Ways to Celebrate Your Big Day in the City

So, you’re thinking of having your big day in NYC? You have just made the best choice because this bustling city is famous for a wide selection of attractions worth visiting. Whether you are up for adventure, a romance-filled dinner date, or crazy partying all day and night, then the Big Apple is definitely the best choice for you.

Birthday NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

In fact, NYC tops the list of most locals and foreigners who are looking to have a great time during their birthday. There are numerous options when it comes to excellent places to visit, and you can enjoy your time dancing the night away or having a few drinks with your buddies and new acquaintances.

With all these big reasons to visit NYC for your birthday, be sure to check out this list of suggested activities and places that can let you have a blast on your big day – or whatever event you have in mind, for that matter.

Cheer for Your Favorite Sports Teams

Find yourself cheering wildly for some of NYC’s famous sports teams as you celebrate your birthday in the city. If you’re a major baseball fan, then be sure to check out a Yankees or Mets game that will give you an amazing time. For those who are crazy about basketball, then you should definitely watch a game featuring the Nets or Knicks. You can choose from different games worth watching, and these never fall short of excitement, which is perfect for anyone who is looking to have an amazing time on their big day.

On your way to these games, you can expect to have an awesome view around you. What’s more, getting to the scene of these games is a breeze. Just go to Manhattan’s Penn Station that leads you to the Rangers, Liberty and Knicks game. As for the game tickets, just buy them on the day itself or a few days ahead, specifically for major games.

Indulge in a Relaxing Sauna

After working so hard, you deserve to have a little break on your big day. So, why not leave your worries behind and indulge in a relaxing and invigorating sauna in NYC? This is an excellent way for you to get rid of stress and rejuvenate, which is exactly what your tired body and mind need.

When it comes to your choice of sauna, you can find quite a few in NYC such as the jimjilbang (Korean-style) sauna, or regular saunas found within the city. If you prefer a more exotic feel in a sauna, then go for those that feature a Middle Eastern vibe equipped with aromatherapy massages, baths, and other great services everyone looks for in a high quality sauna. Visit Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan for a number of choices for saunas worth spending your time in.

Explore the City

If you think you already know NYC by heart, think again. You might have not seen some places in the city that are definitely worth your time, so make sure to check out these places during your next trip. You may either book a tour from some of NYC’s reliable and well-known companies that offer guided tours for your total comfort.

In the city, you can select from a wide range of spectacular sights and attractions worth your time. If you are fascinated with anything that has an Italian vibe, then you may want to check out Little Italy. Here, you can come across an extensive choice of food stores and textile shop, which are perfect for anyone who is interested in the Italian culture. Foodies can explore several food shops that extend their product offerings from vegan, casual, Asian, Middle Eastern, and other great cuisines.

Picnics and Ice Skating

For nature lovers, a lovely picnic provides a great way for you to unwind and have a relaxing time on your birthday. You can choose from a number of picnic spots throughout the city, which are usually lined with beautiful shady trees and areas covered with lush deep green grass. Just find a nice spot on some of these areas, spread your picnic mat and enjoy a scrumptious homemade meal with your loved ones.

If you wish , you may also spend your time ice skating in NYC on your birthday. You can find great spots for an invigorating time ice skating with your friends, where you will also love the fantastic views surrounding you. Whether you are a pro ice skater or just a newbie trying your best in this exciting hobby, you will enjoy some of NYC’s popular ice skating rinks that are worth visiting on your big day.

Ferry Rides

Explore the spectacular charm of NYC as you check out a wide selection of ferry rides available throughout the city. For instance, you may go for a Staten Island ferry ride, which gives you a great experience of witnessing the city’s spectacular views. In particular, you can discover NYC’s famous view of Manhattan while you ride on a ferry boat. This gives you a chance to explore more of New York in a unique and exciting way.

During one of the ferry rides, you can pass by the Statue of Libery, as well as other great views that tourists and locals are crazy about. The best thing about the Staten Island Ferry, though, is that you can ride at no cost. You may even rent bikes and have an invigorating time as you check out Staten Island’s wide selection of bike paths.

Clubs and Bars

Go clubbing on your birthday and discover some of nyc’s popular clubs and bars. You can find quite a number of options when it comes to NYC clubs, which vary from casual to upscale. These are excellent places to unwind, dance for hours, have some drinks, and strike a conversation with new acquaintances.

Select an NYC Venue Now!

If clubbing is your preferred way of celebrating your big day in NYC, then you might want to consult an event planning company that caters to individuals who are looking to book a club for their birthday. In particular, Birthday Bottle Service is the best company to rely on for this type of service as it specializes in booking venues and other services involved in most events such as charity functions, birthdays, formals and other party themes. You can also choose from a number of choices for venues and drink specials that will meet your needs and expectations.

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