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25 Feb Have a Birthday Party Chicago Style with Birthday Bottle Service

If you’re about to celebrate a birthday or if you are helping someone plan a birthday party, you know how incredibly difficult it can be. Finding the perfect venue is only the first step. Next, you have to somehow reserve a table–if the location isn’t already booked out. It can be frustrating working down a list of nightclubs and bars trying to find some place half-way decent to celebrate. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, there is an easier way. Use a professional event planning company to make the moves for you.

A Club Person? No Worries.

One of the biggest advantages of having a professional company like Birthday Bottle Service handle the details of your celebration is we know all the hottest places. Many of us aren’t “clubbers” so we’re not out every weekend trying out locales. It would be unfortunate to reserve a table at what you thought was the perfect Chicago venue only to find out it’s not the style you’re looking for. Event planners have their finger on the pulse of the city and they know what is happening at the different locations around town. If you’re planning a birthday party for a friend, it’s better to know you’ve found the exact place they want to celebrate at!

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Other advantages include unique ideas to make the party special, specific details and special requests that particular clubs might not be able to accommodate, and help with all aspects of the party.

What To Look For With A Event Planning Company

Discerning which company is right to help you set up a perfect party night, you need to consider what they have to offer you. Here are a few particulars that should come with any package.

1. Complementary Bottle Deals

As you know, bottle service can be incredibly expensive–but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re tied in with the right company, they will have exclusives with various venues. These “specials” get passed on to you. Even though you might end up in one of the hottest nightclubs in Chi-Town, you’ll be spending a lot less than those reserved tables around you.

2. VIP Table Reservations

Event planning companies like Birthday Bottle Service know you want to be treated very special on your birthday. If a company doesn’t have the ability to get you in at the best tables in town, your investment might not be worth it. You could be spending a lot more for a substandard table. Getting the top VIP tables in town and booking them for you is what a great company does.

3. VIP Guest List

If you’ve ever attended a birthday party and had to wait in line before getting in, you’ve probably got a pretty stale taste in your mouth from the experience. This should not be happening on such a special day! Make sure your party booking people set you and your friends up as VIP’s on the VIP guest list. If this isn’t handled, half the night could be spent standing around waiting to celebrate.

4. A Party Planning Specialist

You want to find a one-stop, all inclusive company to handle all of your party planning needs. Having different components of the night being handed off to different companies will only lead to headaches. Make sure the team you’re dealing with are party planning specialists who are willing to listen to what you want. It is, after all, your birthday party.

Also, take a look for a solid team of professionals who have multi-city experience. Although knowing the Chicago area is important, a party planner who has dealt with locations from LA to New York will know how to handle any venue owner and staff. This kind of experience is crucial to making sure your birthday party goes off without any issues.

Finally, take a look at the company’s history. See what kind of relationships they have built. Are they tied up in only one or two clubs? If the party planning company in Chicago you’re considering books the same club for every one of it’s clients, there’s a good chance you’ll end up unsatisfied.In the Chicago area, the hottest clubs are Hearts nightclub, Dolphin, Body, Boardroom, 8fifty8, Y-Bar, Spy Bar, to name a few. There are so many more. Does the party planning company you’re considering have the inside track on places like these? If so, odds are, you will be booking yourself an incredible and unforgettable night.

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