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10 Oct Sunday Funday NYC Clubs and Lounges

Thinking of ending the weekend with a bang? Then, put on your posh outfits, tag along some friends, and head off to some of New York's finest clubs for a Sunday Funday experience. After all, just because it's a Sunday, that should not mean you...

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Cielo Nightclub

30 Sep Monday Nightlife NYC

In NYC, Monday nights are famous for non-stop partying from dusk until dawn. What's more, Monday is commonly referred to as an industry night party, since this is the day of the week when high-profile guests and celebrities drop by most NYC clubs. Hence, this...

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Celebrity Hangouts NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

15 Sep Celebrity Hangouts NYC

Looking to party with famous celebrities and TV personalities? If so, then be sure to check out the top celebrity hangouts NYC bars. After all, NYC nightclubs are popular among stars, and you might as well just drop by these places where you are most...

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11 Aug What Is Bottle Service at a Club?

An acquaintance tells you about her experience at a club, gushing about how fun the night was and about how much she enjoyed the bottle service they received. You may smile and nod, but inside, you find yourself wondering, "Just what's bottle service, anyway?" Bottle...

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04 Aug Most Expensive Patron

With all types of spirits, there are general three varieties available in clubs and bars. House spirits are usually bargain priced and what you'll receive if you don't specify a particular brand. Premium spirits are alcohols with names that you'll recognize that are mid-priced if...

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