What Is Bottle Service at a Club?

11 Aug What Is Bottle Service at a Club?

An acquaintance tells you about her experience at a club, gushing about how fun the night was and about how much she enjoyed the bottle service they received. You may smile and nod, but inside, you find yourself wondering, “Just what’s bottle service, anyway?” Bottle service is becoming more and more popular at clubs across the United States, specifically in major cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Still, you don’t need to feel badly about not knowing what bottle service is. Many people just aren’t sure what it means to get bottle service at a club. That’s why we put together this guide to answer the question “What is bottle service at a club?” once and for all.

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About Bottle Service

Bottle service is a VIP experience that is offered at some nightclubs. With bottle service, individuals make reservations for reserved tables in prominent areas inside of the club. The individuals who make the reservations and their guests are able to use this table for the night. While seated at the table, the party is served drinks from bottles that are purchased by the group. All alcohol is purchased by the bottle rather than by the glass, which is why bottle service has the name that it does.

How Bottle Service Works

When you book bottle service for a club, you’ll be permitted to create a list of guests who will be guaranteed admittance to the club along with yourself. Upon arrival, you’ll be directed to your table and a server, called a bottle boy or bottle girl, will come to take your order. You can purchase as many different bottles of alcohol as you wish from a list that will be provided to you. Then, the server will bring you the bottles that you ordered as well as a standard assortment of mixers. Normally, clubs will supply tonic, seltzer, orange juice and cranberry juice. Plus, you’ll get garnishes like lemons, limes and olives. The mixers can be refilled an unlimited number of times, and the server can get other mixers that you request, such a soda. When you want a drink, the server will prepare it for you using the mixers, garnishes and the alcohol that you purchased. As you empty bottles, you’ll need to purchase more to continue drinking.

Why Choose Bottle Service?

There are many advantages to having bottle service at a club. One of the biggest advantages is the guaranteed entry to the club, which can be very desirable at hot spots where it is difficult to get in the door. Having a table that is reserved for your group also gives you a place to regroup, chat and relax between dancing. Many people like getting treated like VIPs when they go to the club, and getting bottle service is definitely a status symbol that can impress other people that you meet throughout the evening.

Cost of Bottle Service

The cost of bottle service can be very high, as most bars mark up the cost of bottles greatly. In fact, at some clubs, you’ll pay 200 times the price that you’d pay for a bottle of the same spirit at a store. When you compare the cost of the bottle to the cost of an individual cocktail, however, it may not seem as expensive. For example, a bottle of Absolut that costs $325 for bottle service at a NYC club can provide roughly 17 vodka tonic drinks, making the cost per drink around $20. With cocktail prices at clubs in NYC often ranging from $15 to $20, you wouldn’t be spending much more for the bottle service than what your group would pay to order 17 vodka tonics. The trick to getting a good price for bottle service is to go with a group large enough to finish the bottle that you order and to take advantages of any bottle specials that may be offered for VIPs.

Getting Bottle Service at a Club

Each club has its own policy regarding bottle service, but nearly all of them require advanced booking. The most popular clubs are often booked well in advance, so it can be difficult to secure a table at many establishments unless you know someone. If you want to try to book bottle service at a club, you can check out their website, as some clubs offer online reservations. Otherwise, you can contact the club by phone to try and reserve a spot. Keep in mind some clubs will have a minimum bottle purchase requirement. They may also require you to make a down payment or provide a credit card number to reserve your table.

Using a Bottle Service Reservation Service

If you want to get into an exclusive club and have a VIP experience, using a nightlife or bottle service reservation service can be very helpful. These services build relationships with clubs, and the best ones have relationships with top destinations in major cities. With a service, you work with a coordinator or reservation specialist instead of directly with the club. You provide the service with the date and the number of people in your party, and then the representative from the service makes sure that there is a table ready for you. Often times, nightlife reservation services can get ordinary people into clubs that otherwise cater only to famous people and the elite from a given city. There may be other benefits, too, such as special discounts on bottle purchases.

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