Brilliant Things to Do in NYC for Your Birthday

Things to do in NYC for your birthday - Birthday Bottle Service

18 Jun Brilliant Things to Do in NYC for Your Birthday

Thinking of an exciting and unique way to celebrate your birthday this year? If you have plans of having your birthday celebration in New York City, then have plenty of options to choose from for your party.

There are many things to do in NYC for your birthday that are in store for you, and all you need to do is to select one you like most. So, check out this list of interesting and fun ways to spend your birthday in the city, and have a blast on your party!

Things to do in NYC for your birthday - Birthday Bottle Service

1. Roller Skating

The Big Apple is brimming with fantastic places to visit, sights to see and things to do – and roller skating is one of them. In fact, among the best ways to explore nearby attractions in the city is to go roller skating. If you’re one of those who’s crazy about this hobby, then you may gather a few friends, head off to Central Park and brush on your skating skills.

Once you’re confident about your moves while on wheels, you may explore the rest of the city by skating on sidewalks and get to know more about NYC at another perspective. You’ll find great places to visit and food shops to explore with your friends. This brilliant birthday idea is indeed a fine way to stay fit, bond with friends, and check out NYC in an interesting and whole new light.

2. Check out the zoo.

Rediscover the beauty and excitement of being at the zoo, particularly on your birthday. Bring out the child in you and just have a wholesome time feeding the animals, riding a pony, or petting gentle furry creatures at the zoo whether it is at Central Park or Bronx. Be sure to take lots of pictures that will remind you of the awesome time you had on your birthday at the zoo.

After all the walking around and horseback riding, you can stop by at a rainforest zone or a picnic area where you and your friends can enjoy a scrumptious meal. Just watch out for those monkeys that might be lurking behind and eager to snatch a few snacks from your picnic basket!

3. Watch your favorite game.

Crazy about baseball? Then, you should definitely go out and watch a Yankees or Mets baseball match. Or what about a hockey game featuring your favorite team such as the Islanders, Rangers or Devils? It doesn’t matter what game you love the most, since whatever it is, you can find time to watch it live in NYC.

If you are eyeing for a big game, make sure you buy tickets days before the match to secure your spot at the stadium. However, you can also purchase tickets on the day itself when the game is not a major one. Just be sure to bring along some snacks, or you could buy some at the venue on the day itself.

4. Watch a Broadway musical.

Feed your senses with the finest Broadway musical to watch on your big day. Fortunately, that’s what NYC is famous for – a massive selection of theatrical shows that the whole world loves! Dress up and wear your fancy accessories, and go out with someone special who can watch that great Broadway musical with you.

When the show is over, you can grab a bite at nearby food shops, or you may choose to indulge in fancy dining at some posh restaurant. Whether you are up for Chinese, Italian, Spanish, or any other types of cuisine, you can surely find the perfect match to your craving here in NYC.

5. Spend your birthday at the park.

Another brilliant way to celebrate your big day (specifically if you’re a nature lover) is to spend it in Central Park. A relaxing horseback ride may be your best bet, as it takes you to different areas throughout the park that you might have not explored yet before. If you are with your partner, then you can have a cozy picnic at the park, perhaps at some peaceful nook or nearby a quiet pond. You may also want to drop by at some deli around the park – and you’ll surely find quite a few – for a scrumptious feast on your birthday at the park.

To highlight that romantic birthday celebration, ride a carriage with your sweetie and tour the park at night. After the ride, visit a lovely restaurant and have a special birthday dinner with that important person in your life.

6. Reserve at a nyc night club or other famous birthday spots in NYC.

Another one of those fancy things to do in NYC for your birthday is to spend it at some chic bar, which the city is famous for. You may either go bar hopping with some friends, or actually rent a place for the night and dance the hours away or have some drinks with your guests.

In New York, you can choose from dozens of elegant places to have an adults-only party in the evening, or even until dawn. For instance, you may check out some highly recommended birthday spots in NYC including the Ava Lounge, DL NYC, Gansevoort Park Rooftop and Empire Hotel Rooftop, to name a few. These are excellent places where you can invite over a hundred guests because of the spacious party venues and fantastic amenities available.

Spending your birthday at NYC’s sophisticated bars or clubs will make your big day one that you will never forget. You can chill out with a bunch of friends, enjoy your favorite drinks, meet new people at the party, and just admire the amazing views below. There’s nothing cooler and more exciting way to spend a birthday in NYC than by having it in the city’s posh hangouts.

Birthday Bottle Service gives you a wide selection of birthday spots in NYC that you will certainly go crazy about. From the wide choice of drinks, fancy amenities, and chic bars, it’s impossible not to have a great time spending your big day at one of NYC’s top-rated bars and lounges.

So, still in need of bright ideas on the best things to do in NYC for your birthday? Search no further and choose from one of these spectacular birthday ideas that you’ll surely love!

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