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14 May Celebrating your Bachelor Party Chicago

When hosting a bachelor party Chicago, it is a good idea to plan the evening out in advance. If you want to toast the night at some of Chicago’s finest clubs, you can do so with a bottle service, VIP package. Not only are you going to receive discounts on bottles, you can also book a VIP table, for you and a group of guys who you would like to celebrate the evening with. Not only will you save with the bottle service package options, you will also gain access to some of the busiest Chicago clubs, which would otherwise be impossible for you to get in to on a busy night.

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Visit the best club

We will provide a coordinator to work with you, to set up your bachelor party Chicago, and set up the VIP table and bottle service for the night. Whether you want to enjoy club Dolphin in Lincoln Park, visit 8Fifty8, or take in any of the other top clubs in River Park, the Loop, or other downtown hot spots, the choice is up to you. Not only can we plan your event at these, and other popular venues, we can also guarantee a table for the evening, so you can invite as many people as you would like. With a group of guys, you can really celebrate the last few nights before you get married, and enjoy some time out with friends, at the finest destinations that this busy city has to offer.

VIP services

With the bottle service packages, you will have the perfect night planned out when you are hosting a bachelor party Chicago for a friend. Not only will you receive free champagne and bottles all evening, you are also going to have a table set aside, in any of the clubs you would like to plan the venue at. Whether you are inviting a group of five, or a group of fifty, you can decide with your event coordinator, as to what the best spot is for your festivities, and which club you would like to enjoy the evening in with your friends.

Don’t wait in line

Some of the popular Chicago clubs have lines going around the exit for hours. Not only does this mean you may never get in on a busy night, it also means you are going to have to wait for hours on end just to get in, and possibly only enjoy the club for a short period of time prior to close. You don’t have to worry about this when you plan a VIP service party with us. Not only do we guarantee entrance to any club you choose, for you and the group of friends you are inviting, we also guarantee a table in that club. And, we will set up the festivities so you will have drinks flowing all night, and do not have to worry about standing outside on a cold night, or on a busy night when the club is impossible to get in to. You don’t have to wait with the masses; we will not only get you the best table, we will also do all of the planning so you and your friends can lay back, and really enjoy the bachelor party Chicago with your friends.

Affordable fun

With our VIP packages, table and bottle service packages, you are greatly going to reduce the cost of having a good time at the finest clubs the city has to offer. Drinking at some of the top clubs in Chicago can really cost quite a bit; rather than pay for each drink at the bar, you can plan your bachelor party Chicago, with our event coordinator. Not only will you receive bottle service, which includes champagne, you also receive your choice of liquor for the night, so you can drink, and have a good time with your friends. No need to go to the bar each time you want to order a drink. With our bottle service, we will plan the entire evening, for as many friends as you have in mind, and as many drinks as you want to enjoy the evening. It is far cheaper, plus you are going to get the top shelf drinks that you want to enjoy for the evening.

No limits for guests

When planning a bachelor party, you might have a small group of a few intimate friends, while other groups are going to be large, and have many people coming to the event. Regardless of how many, or how few people you are inviting, as the host, you do not have to worry about some people getting in, while others getting rejected at the doors. Our event coordinators will find out how big your group is, and will be waiting for you when you arrive at the club you choose to have the party at. This not only means everyone in your group is going to get in, it also means you are going to be able to enjoy the evening with as many (or as few) friends as you choose to invite to the bachelor party Chicago that you are planning for the night. No need to worry about certain people getting turned down at the door; our coordinators will do everything, and make sure the evening is perfect for all who are attending the festivities.

Planning the bachelor party is enough work for you to worry about. You shouldn’t worry about how much it is going to cost, or possibly getting turned away at some of Chicago’s finest clubs. This is where we come in. Not only are we going to coordinate the entire evening with you, we are also going to plan the bottle service, table, and VIP section, so you can truly enjoy the evening. We will help you save on the cost of planning the bachelor party Chicago, plus we will guarantee a great time, at any of the finest Chicago nightclubs you would like to host the event at.

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