Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Chicago

St Patrick’s Day 2017 in Chicago

16 Feb Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Chicago

Thinking of participating in St Patrick’s Day 2017 in Chicago? Well, let this article be your definitive guide to getting the best out of this glorious day! It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist in Chicago for the week, or if you are just looking for interesting things to do, we have got you covered! Starting with must-see attractions and events, we’ll be taking you through some of the most anticipated things that would be happening, followed up by some suggestions as to where you can spend your time based on your preferences. This St Patrick’s Day, celebrate like never before in Chicago!

Dyeing of The Chicago River

St Patrick’s Day 2017 in ChicagoStarting early in the morning at 9 am on March 11, head over to the Chicago River and witness before you one of the most famous Chicago River St Patrick’s Day rituals in the world! Over 45 pounds of environment-friendly vegetable dye will be cascaded into the Chicago River, turning it emerald green for that one time a year spectacle.

You can expect more than 400,000 eager spectators to be present as the dye does its magic for the next five hours! Truly a spectacular way to start St Patrick’s Day in Chicago!

St Patrick’s Day 2017 in Chicago Downtown Parade

Once you’re done seeing the river transform itself, get ready for the real celebration to begin. The downtown parade held over at Columbus Drive is one of the largest parades that will be taking place in the country. Starting at Balbo Drive and moving onwards in the next three hours towards Monroe Drive, the St Patrick’s Day parade in Chicago will feature colorful floats, Irish step dancers in their signature curls, marching bands, and bagpipers! Expect lots of fun and laughter as you marvel at the very impressive sight to be beheld.

Of course, if you’re living nearer to either end of Chicago, there will also be a South Side and Northwest Side Parades happening concurrently although they may not be as impressive as the main parade at Downtown. Expect performances to be held at the Irish American Heritage Center too if you’re looking for something more toned down for the family and friends.

Public House

chicago gastro restaurantNow if parades and marches are not your things, and you prefer something more social and chill, then head over to Public House. You can head over to this Gastrobar right after watching the dyeing of the Chicago River and kick start your day with a special event called ‘Tap O’ The Morn’. Lasting till 12 pm, you’ll be able to enjoy Green Bud Light Drafts and Well Cocktails, Irish-inspired breakfast bites such as Irish Nachos and Mac N’ Cheese Cups, and even be granted access to the pub throughout the remainder of the day!

Get ready to dress up in your favorite shade of green and don your wearables this St Patrick’s Day at Public House! A slight note, however, is that this will be a private event so you’d have to book a table or have a ticket in order to enter.

Once the event is over at 12pm noon, Public House will open to anyone who wants to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2017 in Chicago.

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