Chicago bachelorette party packages

Chicago bachelorette party packages - Birthday Bottle Service

16 Apr Chicago bachelorette party packages

When planning a night out with girlfriends, visiting some of the hottest nightclubs in Chicago is a great way to toast the event. With a number of great Chicago bachelorette party packages available, at some of the top clubs in the city, you are not only going to get a table at the best clubs, but will also save on the price you pay with the package options.

Package deals

When planning the event, there are a couple of options available for your Chicago bachelorette party packages. You can either choose from the bottle service package, or the no cost package. The first provides buy one get one free bottle, VIP guest list, and you get a table at some of the hottest clubs in the city, which are typically sold out. With the second package, you receive a free bottle of champagne, and a VIP guest list, when you book a party with at least 20 guests in attendance. Regardless of which of the options you choose, you will not only get a table at the hottest , most popular clubs in the city, you will also pay a much lower price than if you were to order individual drinks at the bar for each guest.

Chicago bachelorette party packages - Birthday Bottle Service

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Hottest venue options

There are a number of great Chicago venues for you to choose from when you are planning the Chicago bachelorette party packages and events for the festivities. One such venue is Dolphin, in Lincoln Park, which offers one of the best clubs and lounges in the city. There are multiple spaces within the venue, including a patio, dance room, and the ultra lounge, which provides all guests something to enjoy while they are at the club. But, there are several other clubs, which offer a variety of great festivities, dancing, and the best music, for guests to truly enjoy the night out with friends.

Entrance during the busiest nights

Certain Chicago clubs have long lines, and make it nearly impossible for you to get in, no matter what night of the week you are going out. For this reason, the Chicago bachelorette party packages and booking with a VIP reservation specialist, is the easiest way to plan the event. Not only is it the only way to ensure admittance to the club, it is also the easiest way to get a VIP table, at some of the hottest clubs in the city. You will fully be able to enjoy the evening out with your friends, and don’t have to worry about not gaining admittance to the club, on a night when they are overbooked. You will be able to enjoy the event, and time out with friends, when others are being turned away at the door.

Save on the pricing

Packages are the easiest way for you to save on the price of your event with friends. Whether it is for a group of 5, or a group of 50 women, you will find that the packages offer more than enough for the group, and a reasonable amount in savings when you book with a reservation specialist. For smaller groups, bottle service allows you to save, since you receive free bottles for each one purchased. If you are with a larger group, complimentary champagne, and drinks, is a great way to save, when you pay a little more up front, in order to book the package with your reservation specialist. Either way, you will pay far less for the venue, and will enjoy the night out, when you book with our specialists, at any one of the main Chicago clubs you want to celebrate the event with friends.

With Chicago bachelorette party packages available, you will be able to have a great time, not have to worry about buying drinks all night, and not have to worry about sitting in line for hours, in order to get in to the clubs. You will not only gain admittance to any of the clubs you choose to book your party at, you will also have a VIP table to enjoy the evening. Rather than plan on your own, book with us, and a reservation specialist, to ensure all guests, and the guest of honor, will have a great evening together.

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