How to Choose the Right NYC VIP Club

30 May How to Choose the Right NYC VIP Club

The days of nightclubs simply providing music and drinks in dark settings are long gone. Today, clubs are increasingly focused on offering “experiences” to customers, treating them to evenings that still feature music and drinks but in much more pampering, luxurious environs. This is particularly true in NYC where the VIP club is increasingly growing in popularity as more and more locals and visitors want to have unforgettable evenings when they head to the clubs.

If you’re getting ready to plan a night at a VIP club in NYC, you’ll find there are many from which to choose. By considering the following, you can narrow down the options and select the ideal NYC VIP club for your special night in the Big Apple.

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The Music

One of the first things to consider when comparing your options for a night at an NYC VIP club is the type of music that the club features. In New York City, you can find a club that caters to virtually any music taste. From mainstream club music to indie to 80s tunes to 80s funk to house jams to jazz, NYC has everything to offer. If you’re looking for a venue where you can enjoy the music but also escape for some intimate conversation, choose a club with an outdoor area, such as Hudson Terrace NYC, a Midtown West NYC VIP club with intimate glass-walled cabanas that offer breathtaking views of the skyline.

The Crowd

Another important thing to take into consideration when you’re selecting a VIP club in NYC is the crowd. Are you looking for a sophisticated scene? A college crowd? Prefer to enjoy your VIP treatment next to Wall Street tycoons? Fashion models? Artists? A quick online search for pictures will help you assess the type of crowds that you’ll find at clubs. Dress codes and cover charges can also give you a feel for the scene.

The Size

How large an NYC VIP club is will impact its ambiance, so you should take the capacity into account, especially if you plan to visit on a busy weekend night. Choose large clubs like Suite 36 Lounge in Midtown West if you want a bustling scene or smaller clubs for a more intimate feel.

The Bottle and Drink List

While a night at the club isn’t all about drinking, you don’t want to arrive at an NYC VIP club and find yourself disappointed by what’s available. Be sure to check out drink offerings for clubs before you arrange your VIP night. If your night won’t be complete without a particular brand of spirits, double check the bottle list to ensure that it’s represented. Heading out with a pack of beer aficionados? Find out what’s available on tap and in bottles. Want a truly unique experience? Opt for a club known for handcrafted specialty cocktails like Rosewood NYC in the Flatiron District. This NYC VIP club is especially well-known for unique libations like the Bandito, a tequila cocktail made with passion fruit and a splash of spicy Tabasco.

The Menu

Want your night on the town to include a little dinner or some light hors d’oeurves? You’ll want to check out the food menu along with the drink list and bar offerings. If you’re going to have dinner at one of New York’s many exclusive restaurants before you hit the NYC VIP club, food may not be as important a priority to you.

The Setting

The setting of an NYC VIP club will go a long way toward establishing the tone for the evening, so you want to place heavy emphasis on the setting of the club when you make your choice. NYC is home to a huge variety of nightclubs from upscale to intimate from eclectic to classic. You can also find establishments with definite themes, such as the Taj Lounge in the Flatiron District. This exclusive club is inspired by India and features handcarved teak woodwork, statues of Hindu deities, a copper bar top and other trappings that give the sexy spot an exotic vibe.

The Location

If you’re a local, you probably already know exactly what neighborhoods are ideal for your VIP night, but if you’re visiting the area, it’s good to do a little research before you book your evening. Decide whether you wish to be in the heart of the action in Manhattan, in a Downtown or Uptown venue or in one of Brooklyn’s up-and-coming clubs. Those who are planning a night at a VIP club in NYC while visiting the city often benefit from the help of a nightlife reservation service, which can help you decide which of the city’s hottest locations is best for your night out.

The VIP Treatment

Many NYC VIP clubs offer special VIP experiences that you can arrange for ahead of time or have a nightlife reservation service arrange for you. VIP packages can vary greatly. In some clubs, it might just mean getting guaranteed entrance. In others, it could include a reserved table, special prices on bottle service and other exclusive amenities not offered to the general public.

The Reputation

Last but definitely not least, you should do a little research into the reputation of that NYC VIP club before you solidify your plans. It can often be difficult to tell which clubs really live up to the promises that they outline on their websites, so check out third-party review sites to see what type of information is out there. You can also rely on NYC night club reservation services, which hand pick bars to enter in agreements with in order to offer their clients the best possible experiences that the NYC nightlife scene has to offer.

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