Club Guide on What to Wear Out in NYC

What to Wear Out in NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

21 Sep Club Guide on What to Wear Out in NYC

When you are looking to party at NYC’s hottest clubs, you need to get dressed to the occasion. After all, you would want to have that great image to feel confident, blend well with the crowd, or even stand out to go past the club’s doorman. So, if you need a guide on what to wear out in NYC, then read along for some fashion do’s and dont’s when it comes to clubbing in NYC.

What to Wear Out in NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

Fashion Tips for Ladies

NYC may strike you an image that you can basically just wear anything you want, thanks to the city’s laid-back and casual atmosphere. However, if you are planing to go clubbing, it pays to exert more effort instead of wearing your usual outfits. If possible, you might want to dress to impress, and this gives you an edge above others who are hoping to get in and be noticed.

For instance, you should consider wearing some sassy statement shoes, specifically a high pair of sexy heels – but be sure these won’t be a bother when you go dancing the night away. A fine choice would be heels with bright color, catchy yet chic studding and posh hardware. Keep in mind that with this type of shoes, any simple dress will look anything but plain and dull.

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Aside from a funky pair of heels, you should bring along a statement bag. Perhaps, something that has metallics, bright and eye-catching, so you can stand out perfectly well in the crowd. Along with your cool bag, be sure to wear some accessories such as big pieces of jewelry that match your outfit. Basically, large earrings, some bangles and a catchy necklace will make you look like you are ready to party at the metro’s hippest clubs.

To complete the look, be sure to wear your bright red lipstick, smoky eyes, and keep your hair looking as glamorous and sexy as ever. A nice LBD with some fancy details or any dress that’s short, seductive, yet fashionable will pass for an amazing clubbing outfit. With these fashion tips, it’s impossible not to get noticed for all the right reasons!

Getting Ready to go Clubbing – Guide for Men

As for men, it helps to have that certain look that will secure them a spot in the club. It’s all about knowing how to dress well without overdoing it and appearing too formal for clubbing. Yet, the concept of dressing well does not mean putting on some fancy button down shirt, sexy jeans and leather shoes. Doormen in NYC clubs have their own concept of what they want to see guests wear before they let them in.

Primarily, there are some key guidelines when it comes to the things men should and should not wear in a club. If you’re partying at a club, then by all means forget about that business attire since you’re entering a club and not a conference at the office. So, to keep it simple, business casual is a no-no when clubbing in New York or anywhere else, in general.

Now, you may be wondering how exactly you should wear your button down shirt, or if there is even a correct or incorrect way of doing so. The idea is to never make yourself appear too formal or business-like. Everyone in the club is up for a party, so that in itself should be the guiding force when it comes to thinking how to put on your choice of outfit.

The patterns or colors of your shirt also matters if you want to make a positive statement, that is. For instance, it is best to avoid wearing checked or striped shirts, particularly those with a touch of blue color. These are the usual types of outfits you see at the office, so why put n the same shirt when you go partying? Think of something more suitable for the kind of festive atmosphere you are entering into. However, don’t go overboard by wearing some flashy, but completely gaudy-looking shirt that will make you appear as though you’re partying in the 70s.

When wearing a nice button down shirt, make sure it gives you that edge to help you stand out. For the most part, big clubbing fashion mistakes include wearing something too generic or corporate such as strips and checks, or tops that are overly embellished and bedazzled. Shirts that are too loose making you look like a walking tent do not make you look cool at all, too.

However, a fashionable look for your button down would be something that is slim-fitting and well-tailored (just think of how Justin Bieber or Zac Efron would wear their shirts), sharp-looking and stylish, and basically just that kind of top that fits you perfectly.

Now, you may be wondering if baggy clothes are good enough for clubbing. If you are thinking of donning a pair of baggy pants, you might have to think twice about doing so. These pants may look great if you’re clubbing in the 90s, but we’re way past that era! The best way to go is to put on a nice fitting jeans that will accentuate your great features.

Next thing on your list – shoes. Naturally, you want your shoes to be polished and just plain awesome. With this in mind, the right size, shape and style mean so much. More than anything, avoid wearing shoes that are pointy or come with a square toe. Better to go for rounded toes that look casual, yet stylish without overdoing the look. You also like this type of footwear because it is much more comfortable to wear than putting on something that can completely hurt your feet. Just imagine how painful it will be on your part to dance or walk for hours on pointy shoes. This is something that you would never want to go through when clubbing.

Clubbing Fashion No-Nos

After learning more about the things you should wear when you go clubbing in NYC, you might want to have some ideas on outfits and footwear to avoid – if you want to get in a club, that is. Among the things you should never wear at a club include shorts, athletic shoes, open-toe shoes or sandals, baseball hats, and sports jerseys.

So, there you are – just some useful pieces of information on how to dress the right way when going to a NYC club. With all these ideas in mind, choose your outfit well, feel good in it, and have a blast with your friends when you go partying!

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