Clubbing 101: If You’ve Never Been to a Club

09 Dec Clubbing 101: If You’ve Never Been to a Club

Going to the club isn’t rocket science, although it may feel like it at times! Don’t know how to dance? Don’t let that discourage you. You’re there to have fun, meet new people, and hear great music!

If this is your first time to the club, you may have a lot of questions on what to wear, how to act, and the do’s and don’ts of clubbing.

Clubbing 101: If You’ve Never Been to a Club

BirthdayBottleServiceHome1Clubs are a great place to hear new music, dance, and meet new people. Be open to attending a club night that features music you don’t normally listen to. You might be surprised and have a great time!

Use social media to follow venues in your area before your night out. Facebook and Twitter are great ways to stay updated about last minute updates about tickets, venues, and other surprise announcements.

That said, the number of ’going’ attendees on event invitations isn’t always accurate. Don’t be discouraged by a low number, or enticed by a large number – the reality may be much different than you expect!

Tips For Girls

Bring a hair tie! Whether for you or a friend, a hair tie is great to have for those unexpected bathroom visits. As if feeling sick isn’t bad enough, getting your hair involved is even worse.

Be careful about who you go home with. Always make sure your friends know where you’re at. Likewise, be a good friend and look out for your group. It may be a good idea to come up with a phrase or gesture to let your friends know if the person they’re dancing with doesn’t seem on the level.

Use the bathroom before going out. Lines can be long on busy nights. Also, bring a pack of tissues so that you aren’t caught unprepared if the bathroom stalls are out of toilet paper.

Tips For Guys

Be bold! You won’t be able to dance with anyone if you don’t ask around. Don’t let a ‘no’ ruin your night. Move on and keep asking!

No means no. There’s no bigger turnoff than someone who won’t take no for an answer. Plus, being persistent when someone isn’t interested is rude. Be polite and don’t take a no personally.

Dress well for your night out. Many clubs have strict rules about attire. Beyond the door, dressing well is going to help you make a much better impression than if you go in your street wear.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Clubbing

Taj Lounge 8You may be in party mode when you get to the club, but don’t get carried away. Using some common sense and these helpful tips will ensure that you have a smooth and fun night out.

  • Don’t overdo the pre-game. Being sober in a club isn’t much fun, but pace yourself so you’ll have plenty of endurance for a big night!
  • Do relax, party, and have a good time!
  • Don’t give out your number if you don’t want to. Give a fake number if you need to.
  • Do wear comfortable shoes. Stilettos may look great, but you won’t be out on the dance floor in them!
  • Don’t be on your phone all night. You’re there to have a good time with your friends; you can check Facebook and Twitter anytime.
  • Do plan a ride home if the venue is far away from where you live.
  • Don’t skip dinner before you go – you’ll have a much better time if you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Do look out for your friends!

Avoiding Long Lines

While tipping the bouncer to get into a club is one possible way to get through the door, there’s another – and much easier – way!

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