Date Ideas in NYC For A Memorable Night Out

28 Oct Date Ideas in NYC For A Memorable Night Out

Whether you’re going on your first or fiftieth date, choosing the perfect idea for your special night can be a challenge. Not only do you have to find a great place to eat, you’ll also want to find an activity which you can both enjoy and remember for years to come. Fortunately, being the city that never sleeps, there are plenty of dining and entertainment options for date ideas in NYC.

Tips for Choosing a Date Venue

Night dateYou’ve already got enough on your mind with your much-anticipated date! If you’re stumped on where to go, here are some helpful tips on how to choose a date venue.

  • Choose a location where you can interact. That’s the whole point of the night, after all! You won’t get much time to chat at the movies or a concert, or at loud bars.
  • Choose something you both can be enthusiastic about. There’s no better way to kill the vibe when one of you isn’t feeling it.
  • Dinner and drinks can make any evening wonderful. Elevate the experience by choosing something memorable: a fun night at a hibachi, a venue with live music, or dinner and a show are all ideas to consider!
  • Be flexible. For example, if your chosen restaurant has a multi-hour wait, getting frustrated will change the evening’s tone. Go to a cafe or hang out at the bar, or go to ‘Plan B’ if the wait is too long.
  • Keep a backup plan in mind. Anything can happen, whether with transportation, weather, or the venue itself. Having a backup plan will make your night go much more smoothly – just in case!

Date Ideas in NYC

If you’re looking for some memorable date ideas in NYC, here are three choices which are sure to thrill both you and your date!

  • Jane’s Carousel is a treasure from the 1920’s, the era of the carousel’s heyday. Choose from 48 beautifully carved horses or 2 chariots. Carousels aren’t just for kids, and there are few more romantic venues than an old-timey location like this!
  • Feeling like your date would enjoy something sporty and unique? Check out Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club. You’ll learn the difference between a ‘biscuit’ and a ‘tang’, and have a great time while you’re at it. Enjoy a mixed drink at an indoor cabana, then grab something to eat. Food options vary, as food carts dock on-site and rotate regularly.
  • Manhattan’s skyline is iconic and inspiring, but most of the time you’ll only see it on TV. Manhattan By Sail takes groups and private charters out onto the water in one of two classic sailboats. Dining and drink options are available. Few dates are more romantic than an evening sail around the Statue of Liberty, cocktail in hand!

More Date Ideas at Birthday Bottle Service

Once you’ve had a delicious meal and shared some quality time together, you probably won’t want the evening to end just yet! That’s where Birthday Bottle Service comes into play. We offer both birthday and VIP guest list bottle services.

When it’s time for the night owls to come out, we’ve got your venue covered. Here are some of our favorite locations.

Le Reve

Le Reve Lounge NYCHookah bars have become very popular within the last decade. Le Reve combines hookah lounge, nightclub, and restaurant under one roof. Saturday nights feature a rotating cast of DJs so you can party late into the night.

Monarch Rooftop

This massive penthouse lounge features plenty of space to sit and chat over expertly mixed drinks. If the weather is right, step out onto the balcony for amazing views of downtown NYC.

Maple Lounge

Aspen Social Club NYC

Maple Lounge

Looking for something more cozy and intimate? The Maple Lounge is the place for you. The design is inspired by Aspen ski lodges – perfect for both blazing hot summer nights, cold winter dates, and everything between.

Gansevoort Park

Boasting three levels of rooftop lounge and plenty of open-air terraces, Gansevoort Park is great for unobstructed views of the NYC skyline. Choose a cocktail from one of four bars, and dance the night away at one of the many dance floors!

Not seeing that perfect venue? Check out our Full Venue List. Birthday Bottle Service will help make your late-night date one to remember.

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