Where to Go For EDM In Boston

EDM in Boston

03 Jan Where to Go For EDM In Boston

Everyone wants to have a good time raving to the most popular electronic dance music, and Boston just excels at this. Finding a club that specializes in EDM in Boston isn’t a difficult thing to do, but finding one where popular DJs spin can be quite a challenge. Fret not, for Venu and Royale have the best EDM Boston events lined up for a wicked night out.

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VenuEDM in Boston Boston is one of the more popular EDM clubs here in Boston, and they pride themselves with their exquisitely designed space. Their specialty customer service makes them one of Boston’s most sought after cosmopolitan nightclub, with unrivalled services and EDM music.

With tables lining the edges of the dance floor, along with lounges looming on every side of the 6,500 square feet space, it truly is an ideal place for people who love to rave while having the option to take intermittent drinking breaks in between. Focusing on a contemporary vibe, the club is lined with rich textures and sleek lines, instantly transporting you to futuristic scene.

As expected, the sound system here is nothing short of magnificent, with highly analytical stereos that belt out electronic beats and Boston house music with a crisp, bassy tone. Of course, this can only be expected of Venu since its humble openings back in 1999, where it’s list of refined clientele were never ending.

Drinks are served at either sides of the multi-tiered space, with bartenders serving up your favorite drinks throughout the night. It is no wonder why so many acclaimed DJs such as Timeflies have performed at Venu, attesting to its premium facility. Don’t miss out on a night of EDM in Boston here at Venu!

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EDM in BostonIf you’re looking for a club that plays hot new EDM in Boston while enjoying the most impressive ambience at the same time, then Royale is the best place for you. Centrally located in Boston’s Theater District, Royale Nightclub stays true to its vision of being a mega club that offers its patrons a truly unique nightclub experience.

Having once functioned as an opera house, you can expect nothing less than an amazing sound projection system in this party paradise, where only the finest DJs such as the Bassjackers spin. Complete with two levels adorned with luxury furniture and a royal antique-esque design, Royale Nightclub couldn’t be named any better.

If you’re worried about the space of the dance floor, your fears are unfounded as the dance floor is absolutely massive. Coupled together with multiple bars surrounding the center stage, there is no better place to go than Royale Boston for your popular EDM needs. So wait no further and give Birthday Bottle Service a call. Your night will be as smooth as the beats that will be playing all night long.

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