Exciting Birthday Party Ideas NYC

Birthday Party Ideas NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

17 Jul Exciting Birthday Party Ideas NYC

Are you in search of the finest birthday party ideas NYC residents choose for their big day? If so, then you have come to the right place. Here, you can find some of the best party ideas that you will love to have for your upcoming birthday. Gather all your friends, find the perfect spot for a party, and make your special day a moment you will never forget.
Birthday Party Ideas NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

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How to Have an Amazing Birthday in NYC

Many people are hoping to have a grand birthday celebration in NYC, and you can’t really blame them because the Big Apple is simply one of the finest places for such an important event. This city offers loads of venues to dine, have a drink, party and just let loose. Whether you are a nature lover, a sports buff, a romantic at heart, or a party animal, you can find tons of birthday party ideas NYC locals prefer for their special day. It all boils down to the party theme you have in mind, and of course, your budget.

A Romantic NYC Birthday

In NYC, love is definitely in the air! The city is brimming with some of the finest locations for a romance-filled birthday. For instance, you can start by planning for a cozy and romantic date at Central Park. Explore the park like a tourist and go on a relaxing horseback ride with your sweetie. After minutes of just touring the park, have a leisure stroll along the lovely pathways throughout the park. Let the amazing views sink into your senses and count yourself lucky to see these breathtaking views that the city offers.

After a long walk along the park, find a nice spot for a picnic – and you can come across plenty of options because of the vast space. If you have not brought your packed meals, you can always order some food at nearby delis. You may even splurge a bit and have the meals delivered right at your location in the park. When lunch is over, check out the Central Park Zoo, ride an old-fashioned carriage, or have a soothing boat ride as you admire the picturesque sights all around you.

Entertaining Birthday in NYC

Another one of those great birthday party ideas NYC locals and tourists love is a tour of the city’s entertainment hubs. New York is famous for its wide selection of shows and theatrical presentations that are indeed a must-see. Book ahead for a thrilling Broadway show and be captivated by the spectacular entertainment as you sit with your loved one or a group of friends.

After the show, you can have a nice dinner at some of NYC’s awesome restaurants. The only tough part about having dinner is choosing the best restaurant because the choice is overwhelming! From Asian to Meditteranean and Fusion, New York is sure to give you a unique gastronomical experience worth remembering.

Then, check out some bars for a late-night drink, or go wholesome as you visit coffee shops for a nice cup of latte with a bunch of friends. No matter what your choice is, there are numerous options for foodie and entertainment-hungry people who wish to explore New York on their birthday.

Rediscover New York’s Finest Attractions

Whether it is your first time in New York, or you have been in this city for quite some time, why not go on a sightseeing tour of the Big Apple on your birthday? There are plenty of attractions that New York has to offer, and most of these are even more fascinating when visited the first, second, or third time around! In New York, there is no such thing as boredom since every creaks and alleys here are as fascinating as you have imagined them to be.

Art-crazy people may want to check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or perhaps the Museum of Modern Art. There are interesting things to see in these art hubs in the city, which make them a great part of your itinerary during your sightseeing tour. Other places worth visiting include the Empire State Building and Times Square, to name a few.

Party All Night at NYC Bars and Clubs

Tag along your buddies, wear your hippest party outfits, and go check out some of the famous bars in Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn for your birthday party. There are dozens of options to celebrate your party, and it is only a matter of deciding on the best one that you think is the perfect choice for your big day.

For instance, you may check out The Gutter, situated at 14th Street, which gives you a laid-back and retro-looking party spot for your big day. You can even bring your birthday cake, grab a few drinks, and just chill with some friends. If you prefer something more wholesome (in terms of the setting), you may visit Greenwood Park at 7th Avenue. While it is not as posh as your usual party spots, you will like how accessible this place is. It is also quite famous during the summer because of loads of activities in store for guests of all ages.

If you are at Manhattan Avenue, then Beloved may be a suitable choice for your upcoming party. It gives you a feel of an exciting outdoor party with its spacious area, friendly crowd, and music blaring all night, thanks to resident Djs spinning the coolest hits all night.

Consult the Best Party Planning and Events Services

Although NYC is full of amazing bars and clubs that offer the finest setting for a birthday party, it may be a bit of a challenge reserving these spots on your own. So, consulting a party planning service such as Birthday Bottle Service is your best bet for a stress-free way of reserving a spot for your upcoming birthday. The company offers the bottle package, which includes a VIP table, VIP guest list, designated reservation specialist and a buy 2 get 1 free bottle deal for guests. You may also choose the no-cost package that features a designated reservation specialist and a VIP guest list.

So, choose from these exciting birthday party ideas now and make sure you hire an expert who can help you plan your big event to minimize the stress and hassle in doing so!

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