Fabulous Ideas for an Adult Birthday Party NYC

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23 Oct Fabulous Ideas for an Adult Birthday Party NYC

New York is one of the best places on earth to celebrate your birthday because there are plenty of things to do and places to visit in this vast city. In fact, there is no room for boredom in the city, and you can always explore amazing bars, restaurants and night clubs for you to host the biggest and most memorable birthday party. So, if what you look for is an extraordinary birthday experience this year, then check out this birthday party NYC guide to help you get started in planning for your big day.

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NYC Birthday Party Ideas

Your birthday’s coming up in a few weeks’ or months’ time, and now you’re probably thinking – where in NYC can you possibly take your friends for an exciting celebration they won’t forget? Well, you can always check out NYC’s bars and cellar rooms, which offer an intimate and relaxed atmosphere for a birthday party. Some of the finest places worth checking out include Delancey, Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar and Il Buco, with the latter having a posh cellar room for a dinner party with a few guests.

If you want to bypass the hassles of choosing a great party place, then you can just opt for a party planning service that lets you book your choice of birthday party package and bottle deals at NYC’s great party venues. At www.birthdaybottleservice.com, for instance, you can make reservations for a bottle deal that will save you so much time and energy in getting the right spot for your birthday celebration. All you need to do is to view your choice of NYC bar or lounge, book a party package, then get a chance to receive complimentary drinks and other perks on your big day.

For others, sightseeing in NYC may be an interesting way to spend their special day. If you wish, you may start your day sightseeing and checking out fascinating sites in the city before you go partying at night since the action usually starts before midnight, anyway. So, why not start your day with a first-hand experience of cultural places that NYC has to offer? You may take a trip to museums such as the Museum of Modern Art or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Other exciting options to consider include boating, hopping on a shuttle service for day tours throughout New York, wine tasting, or simply checking out the city’s remarkable views whether you sign up for tour packages or just plan your itineraries on your own.

Great Party Venues in NYC

If spending your big day at NYC’s bars sounds good to you, then you might want to check out these popular bars and lounges that the city has to offer. For a memorable birthday bash, these venues will surely never disappoint. So, take a look at these posh and luxury bars that are worth every dollar for an exciting birthday party in NYC.M1-5 Lounge NYC

1. Monarch Rooftop

Feel like a celebrity as you party all night long at Monarch Rooftop. Just situated above the bustling streets of Manhattan,this fancy lounge with a stunning penthouse location covers a vast area of 5,000 square feet – enough to hold as much as 300 guests. From the outside, there is a spacious patio where you can have a glimpse of breathtaking views of the city around you. Step indoors, and you will be amazed by the sophisticated Scandinavian-themed interiors that go perfectly well with contemporary New York architecture.

This is the place to be if you are up for light fare menu, fancy cocktails and hours of dancing and partying. Better make your reservations for bottle service or guest list ahead of time to secure your spot in this NYC lounge!

2. The Spot at the Trump

Located in SoHo, this NYC bar is one of the most seductive lounges in this part of the city. Upon entering the hotel, you will find yourself impressed by the stunning and classy leather couches where you can relax after hours of dancing. What’s more, this club has fascinating interiors that add to the overall appeal of the place. Chinese lanterns and exotic decors give this place a seductive and sultry vibe. However, the lounge is not quite spacious for a very large birthday bash, and it would be best to make your reservations ahead of time to have a stress-free experience on your big day.

3. M1-5

The M1-5 gets its name from the Tribeca’s zoning ordinance, largely responsible for allowing such restaurants to be built along with warehouses. Thus, you can just expect the types of crowd here at the club where there are professionals and creative/ indie artists shooting pool and drinking booze all night long. With the wide selection of crowds, there is no such thing as a dull moment here at the club – an important element for a fun and exciting birthday party.

The lounge is situated between Tribeca and Chinatown. Inside the club, you will find red and black interior enhanced by murals and sassy chandeliers giving the whole place that extraordinary look. Whether you are thinking of a great place for a corporate event or birthday bash, this place certainly fits the bill.

4. Slate NYC

Functionality, comfort and style are exactly what Slate NYC’s interior exude. You will lie how relaxed and laid-back the entire ambiance is, and this should be an excellent spot where you can just unwind and have a spectacular time for your special day. With over-sized plush chairs and cozy sofas, lively music and fine selection of drinks, spending your time here at Slate NYC should be one heck of an experience.

If you want a more private location in the lounge, then you may check out the Studio. This features a dining area and VIP lounge that are perfect for you and your special guests.

5. Katra Lounge

Get into that sultry and sexy mood as you party on your big day here at Katra Lounge. Indeed, this NYC club never disappoints because it offers guests with a spacious dance floor, comfy and chic couches, choice of cocktails and vibrant dance hits. Getting in may be a bit of a challenge, so be sure to make your reservations for a stress-free birthday party at the club.

Planning for the best birthday party in NYC can’t be that hard since you have plenty of options when it comes to great venues for your special day. It all depends on what you want for a party whether you prefer it to be an intimate gathering with a few close friends, or a big birthday bash where you can party all night with a large crowd in one of the city’s luxurious bars. With these suggested venues and birthday planning ideas, you may find it easier to think of a fantastic way to celebrate your special day and make it an experience you won’t forget!

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