Finding The Best Bars For Large Groups NYC Area

Best Bars For Large Groups NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

15 Nov Finding The Best Bars For Large Groups NYC Area

Your boss has decided to throw a party for the department because he landed a big contract for the company. However, he put you in charge of planning it. He gave you some dates to work with, and he is depending on you to organize everything. Where would you start? You work right in the heart of New York City, and you have a large group. You know that it would be hard to get reservations at some of the most popular venues. Before you go into a panic, check out what we can do for you at Birthday Bottle Service. We take the work out of finding the best bars for large groups NYC area.

Select a Top NYC Venue and Book Your Party Today!

Best Bars For Large Groups NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

We have a special arrangement with many of the top venues in New York City where our customers receive exclusive VIP treatment from the establishment. On top of that, you can take advantage of our complimentary bottle service packages and drink specials. All you have to do is go to our website and browse through the many venues that we offer, and pick the one that you want to book. Fill out our simple form with the date of your event and the size of your party, then submit. When you get a confirmation from one of our party planning specialists, you are all set to go. Just tell your guests where the party is, and show up. It does not get easier than that.

We offer some of the best bars for large groups NYC area. Take the Gansevoort Park Rooftop, for example. This venue is perfect if you want to impress your boss with a venue that offers a 360 degree view of the beautiful city. This rooftop lounge is over 20,000 square feet in size and has multiple bars. This is a popular place for many New Yorkers on the A list. There are mini dance floors throughout the tri-level lounge and a cozy, heated area surrounded by glass for those chilly evenings. An evening at this venue will truly be unforgettable.

If you want a place that boasts of the most innovative cocktails, consider having your party at the CO-OP Rivington Hotel. You can enjoy exciting creations made from the freshest seasonal produce from the local markets. While you are there, try the Pink Bazooka that is made from frozen coconut water, watermelon juice, basil, and vodka. This modern lounge is decorated with portraits of famous New York icons taken by famed photographer, EJ Camp. A lot of locals and celebrities like to come here to enjoy music all night long.

Our bottle package includes a Buy One Bottle Get One Free deal. With some of our No-Cost packages, we will even give you a free bottle of champagne if you have fifteen people or more in your party. With our bottle package, you will have your very own VIP table. You will have assistance from your very own Designated Reservation Specialist who will help you with any questions regarding your reservation.

When you book through us, everyone on your guest list is on the VIP list. When they show up at the door, they do not have to wait outside with the rest of the crowd. They can just walk right in and be seated at their VIP table. Imagine how impressed everyone will be when they walk through the door and get exclusive VIP treatment like this. Your boss may think that you had spent a fortune putting together something like this. However, if you book our No-Cost package, you can tell him that it costs him absolutely nothing.

Not only will you impress your boss by booking one of the best bars for large groups NYC area, but he will be blown away by your ability to do this without costing him a cent. Don’t be surprised if he remembers how efficient you are when it is time to dole out bonuses!

So, if you need to plan a party for your company, don’t sweat it. Contact us and we will do all the work for you. You will have access to some of the best party venues in the area, and you and your party will have the greatest time.

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