Fabulous First Date Spots in NYC

First dates in NYC

02 Feb Fabulous First Date Spots in NYC

It’s the time of the year again for couples to start getting lovey dovey and plan ahead for their romantic getaways during this season of love. Should you be in New York during this period of time, having your first dates in NYC can prove a tedious task with the many suitable options that are readily available.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at some amazing spots available in NYC that are perfect for first dates all year round and will leave your date absolutely impressed with. Of course, do remember to reserve a table with Birthday Bottle Service to ensure that your night proceeds seamlessly instead of waiting out in line at these places that are absolutely high in demand.


katra loungeKatra NYC in all its glory is the perfect place to chill and enjoy amazing cuisines and cocktails on your very first date here in NYC. Make no mistake, its lush interior is just the beginning of an enjoyable night you are bound to remember. Adorned in varying shades of red and pink, the interior is amazingly well furnished and gives you the feeling of a mix between fine seduction and hot romance.

Along with the ethnic cuisine such as Lamb Tagine and Harissa infused chicken pies, the Moroccan inspired menu will be sure to impress your partner and set the benchmark for future dates to come. Do give Katra a shot if you’re looking for an impressive cuisine culture change along with a sultry ambience this season of love.

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Gold Bar NYC

gold bar nycShould you be looking for something a little on the extravagant side of things to impress your date, then Gold Bar NYC would be perfect for your first date. Being one of the top nightlife destinations in New York City, Gold Bar prides itself in setting the atmosphere of wealth and abundance to the highest levels here in NYC.

Impress your date with a table surrounded by gold chains, vaulted gold leaf ceilings, crystal chandeliers and a menu fit only for royalty. Lose yourselves in Gold Bar and indulge in the finest cocktail menu by renowned mixologist Tim Cooper as you proceed with your date night here at Gold Bar NYC!

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Cellar Bar

Cellar BarHotel Bars NYC 2013 - Cellar Bar NYC - Birthday Bottle Service at the Bryant Park Hotel has got to be one of the most beautiful lounges in NYC with its impressive vaulted ceiling giving it the look of a gothic cavernous lounge. If you’re looking for something a little different from your regular bars, then Cellar Bar is the place to be at on your first date in NYC.

With an intimate setting surrounded by a rustic interior, enjoy the amazing spread that Cellar Bar has to offer during your special day out.  Enjoy meals such as Miniature Chicken Pot Pie, Duck Spring Rolls, Scallop Ceviche and much more. The menus are often updated every season and you can always make a reservation if you wish to customize a menu.

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Whichever venue you choose, book yourself a table with Birthday Bottle Service this season of love to really stand out during your first date today!

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