Fun Christmas Party Themes

Christmas party themes

01 Dec Fun Christmas Party Themes

What good would Christmas be without a get together Christmas party amongst friends and family? Deciding unique holiday party themes, however, can get really difficult especially since every year has to be different and special. Fret not, however, for we have compiled five unique Christmas party themes to get you started on a memorable Christmas event this year! Better yet, you could head down to some of NYC’s best clubs for a memorable after party once you’re done with your get together!

Tree Trimming Party

The tree trimming party has got to be one of the oldest holiday seasons traditions that has been carried down from the past. It’s perfect for the little ones as well as for adults, so no one, regardless of family or friends will be left out.

The tree trimming party involves guests bringing an ornament each to the party and decorating the Christmas tree with it. Along with the decorations, guests would get to enjoy holiday treats while reminiscing about the fun times together. Truly a memorable party idea for people of all ages!

Gift Exchange – Secret Santa and White Elephant

Christmas party themesGift exchanges such as Secret Santa and White Elephant are some of the best Christmas gathering ideas around for offices. If you’re not interested in decorations or time spent talking, perhaps laughter and fun would be more ideal.

Secret Santa is a gift exchange that involves gifting someone with a gift that they may like, while a white elephant gift exchange is one where the gifter aims to give another a rather burdensome gift. The latter is more entertaining and suitable for adults while the former would be perfect for family gatherings. Choose wisely accordingly and you’re bound to have a ball of a time!


For those that haven’t heard of Chrismukkah before, it’s the merging of Christmas and Judaism’s Hanukkah together, popularized by the TV drama “The O.C”. Great for families with both a Christian and Jewish background, Chrismukkah combines the best of both religions and is relatively customizable.

If your family and friends are down to start your own tradition, Chrismukkah would be a perfect idea this holiday!

Gingerbread House Competition Party

Christmas party themesIf your family and friends enjoy baking almost as much as you do, then the answer is clear: Host a gingerbread house competition party! For the more adventurous, your guests can choose to build their house up from scratch while those inexperienced ones can decorate the houses from pre-baked sets.

Your guests will have so much fun building and competing with each other and most importantly you get to eat them when you’re done!

Carolling Karaoke Party

For those people that truly enjoy singing the carols with their friends, then a caroling karaoke party has got to be the number 1 idea on your list. Belt out amazing carols from Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, and other favorite artists in the comfort of your home surrounded by your loved ones. You’ll be wishing for a white Christmas this holiday season!

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