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15 Mar Host your next event at the finest Chicago nightclubs

If you are planning a party for a friend, celebrating your 21st birthday and want to do it in style, or simply want a night out on the town with your friends, there are several great Chicago nightclubs to choose from. Stylish, hip, fun, loud, regardless of the atmosphere, there is a club for your next event. And, in such a big city, many of the top Chicago nightclubs experience celebrity sightings on a nightly basis, so you might even run in to one of your favorite celebrities during your night out.

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Chicago is such a diverse city, and as such, features dozens of great choices when it comes to local Chicago nightclubs. Some are in search of a calm, upscale club, to get a few drinks, others simply want to party, and dance, with a large group of friends. From social elite, working class, or college students visiting the city for a school break, there is a club which is bound to suit your desires, when enjoying a night out with friends, at one of these clubs. Since there are so many clubs, there are also different types of events one might choose to hold at these well known Chicago nightclubs. So, regardless of the type of event or party you are hosting, allow us to help you choose the venue, and bottle service, so you can save, and enjoy a great night out with friends, co workers, or family.

Spybar Chicago

Chicago Nightclubs - Spybar Chicago - Birthday Bottle ServiceIf you want an intimate nightclub setting, as well as a late night club, this River North hot spot is the site to visit. Not only is it a top bar in Chicago, it has been named as one of the best dance clubs in America. After a $1 million in renovations, new sound systems boast the best tunes ,top DJs spin their tracks, and high end finishes can be enjoyed by patrons, until 4 AM.

Y Bar Chicago

Chicago Nightclubs - Y Bar Chicago - Birthday Bottle ServiceThis North side martini bar and cocktail lounge, boasts an upscale atmosphere for those searching for the best Chicago nightclubs, planning their next big event. A busy atmosphere, but a more intimate setting than other nightclubs, allows visitors to really enjoy the fine decor, great drinks, and a comfortable atmosphere. From a holiday party for your employees, to a cocktail party toasting an engagement, this bar is classy, stylish, and has something for everyone looking for an upscale experience, and night out on the town.

Dolphin Chicago

Chicago Nightclubs - Dolphin Chicago - Birthday Bottle ServiceLocated in Lincoln Park, this setting features the best of both worlds for those who want to visit Chicago nightclubs, and local lounges. World class Djs play on a nightly basis, with music ranging from hip hop, to Samba, and top dance hits. There are multiple spaces within the club, providing different vibes, music, and atmospheres, based on what you want to experience during the evening. With a great light and sound system, you can enjoy great tunes from anywhere, and party until 4 AM for your next big event.

These are only a few of the many Chicago nightclubs locals, and out of towners can enjoy, when they are in the city. No matter what type of event you have planned, from an upscale business meeting with your entire company, to a birthday celebration for your best friend, you can find a club which is suitable for any of these venues. Let us help you plan the next event. Not only will our team guarantee the top venue options for you to choose from, but we also will do all the planning work for you, so you can save on the cost of the event, and to guarantee you and your friends will experience a night to remember when you plan your event with us.

To learn more about these venues, and other local Chicago nightclubs. Not only can you book your next big event on the site, you can also book a VIP service, or bottle service, to party in style, for much less than you would pay for such services at the bar. Let us help you plan your next party in style, at one of the top Chicago nightclubs around.

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