How to Plan a Holiday Party

How to plan a holiday party

15 Nov How to Plan a Holiday Party

The holiday season is fast approaching and the one thing on everyone’s mind is how to plan a holiday party. For the more hands-on and enthusiastic people out there, planning a holiday party may seem like a great idea, especially when it comes to gathering your friends and family together all under one roof.

But the question remains – how do you plan such a party and make it successful at the same time? Well, if you’re looking for ideas on throwing a successful party or you’re just plain lost as to how to go about planning it, then this post is perfect for you!

Ideas for Invitations

How to plan a holiday partyThe first thing you need to do when planning a holiday party is to invite people to attend! Holiday Party Invitations can be a pesky business to deal with, especially with so many ideas available on the internet to choose from.

Throwing a great party means designing an invitation card that is unique and aesthetic, all at the same time. This could be a real hassle especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

The way around this problem is by first settling on a theme for your party before choosing your invitation design. Setting the tone will help both you and your guests plan for whether it’s a more formal or laid back occasions.

Also, use online invitations for both ease and convenience. In this age of technology, e-invites will save you money from the printing and mailing cost.

Décor Ideas

How to plan a holiday partyAfter settling on a theme, it’s time to start with your decorations. Most holiday party décor ideas tend to combine Christmas themes with a hint of modern design. This could range from silver baubles hanging from the ceilings to a candle light dinner party with hints of incandescent accents placed around props like the Christmas tree.

The best way to go about with this is to start with a theme in mind before heading to a store like Target or Wal-Mart and getting your supplies. After which, you can customize them to fit your party theme and watch as the decorations unfold before your eyes.

Seasonal Drinks

The biggest thing to know about how to plan a holiday party is that food and drinks are the centerpieces of the night. Holiday themed party drinks are a definite must. The best drinks for these holiday parties have to match the décor and put a spin to holiday classics like eggnog.

You could either hire a mixologist to your party or simply do a quick search online for recipes and customize them to fit your party.

Christmas-Themed Games

How to plan a holiday partyNo party is complete without games. Once your invitations have been mailed, your food and drink menu planned, and decorations prepared, it’s time to think about entertainment.

With festivities fast approaching, the ideal holiday party games should include themes that coincide with the holiday season. The games would also have to involve all if not most of your guests to make sure no one gets left out. That may leave you with very limited options on the table.

However, classic games like pool, foosball and drinking games are your best friends during such parties because of how versatile they can be. Easily customize each game with a Christmas theme and you’re on your way to providing some quality entertainment for your guests.

How to Plan a Holiday Party: The Number One Alternative

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