EDM Clubs for a Los Angeles Nightlife Experience

Los Angeles nightlife

24 Jan EDM Clubs for a Los Angeles Nightlife Experience

If you’re looking for some serious Los Angeles nightlife with parties filled with EDM and lots of raving, then this article will be perfect for your needs. We’ll be taking a look at three of the best nightclubs in LA that specialize in some serious EDM for the party enthusiast. Great for a night out with friends or if you’re just looking for some serious fun amidst the bustling city of LA, these nightclubs will fit the bill for all your needs. All you’ve got to do is just drop Birthday Bottle Service a message with your requests and we will get back to you promptly!

OHM Nightclub

Los Angeles nightlifeSituated along the iconic Hollywood Boulevard, OHM Nightclub belongs to a category of its own as it dominates in terms of both its sound system and luxurious space. The main club room itself boasts of cutting edge special effects and lighting of the highest class, powering its sound system with well over 150,000 watts with a separate DJ booth. If you value your music and are looking for the club with an impressive lineup of DJs, then OHM nightclub will be ideal for you.

There’s even a chill-out lounge off the main club for when you need a quick rest along with a dual outdoor club experience with an Asian garden décor. What better way than to spend your night here at OHM Nightclub?

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Sound-Nightclub-290x165SOUND energy nightclub is a high-energy club that has a majority of young party goers as their main clienteles. Built by a team of designers and industry specialists, SOUND was made to offer an unparalleled experience of EDM in LA.

As its name suggests, SOUND was built around an 8,000 square feet space with state-of-the-art 3D projection mapping and a first of its kind Pioneer sound system. Along with this comes multiple full-service bars, gourmet kitchens and recessed seating to provide only the most comfortable clubbing experience for you.

Staying true to their philosophy of bringing “a novel and always-evolving experience to nightlife in Hollywood”, SOUND features a new local artist every few months, showcasing their art as well as music to the world. You and your friends will truly get the full experience of Los Angeles nightlife here at SOUND nightclub!

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The Roxbury

the-roxbury-club-290x165If you’ve ever watched “Night at the Roxbury”, then you’ll understand just how iconic The Roxbury is in Los Angeles. Immortalized in the 1998 movie, The Roxbury nightclub is one that was filled with tons of celebrities, movie stars and even frequently visited by Madonna back in the 1980s. Now, the location has since been revamped with a brand new 5,000 square feet dance floor where party patrons can lose themselves in the hottest beats.

Los Angeles nightlife takes on a truly new experience here at The Roxbury, where you are immersed in a whole different world where romantic poetry lines are splashed across the walls in neon and colorful lights bounce to the beat of the diverse music.

It is advised that you reserve your guest list with Birthday Bottle Service as the club is often packed to the brim due to its rich history and prominent reputation. Don’t let yourself get a bad start to your nightlife with Birthday Bottle Service!

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