The Magic of Rooftop Bar Chicago Offers Through Birthday Bottle Service

Rooftop Bar Chicago - NV Penthouse Lounge Rooftop - Birthday Bottle Service

19 Mar The Magic of Rooftop Bar Chicago Offers Through Birthday Bottle Service

Let me get one thing straight: Restaurants are cool, but rooftop bars are definitely exceptional. In a lively city like Chicago, it is very easy to see amazing views simply because they are everywhere. That alone is enough reason why any rooftop bar Chicago offers for birthday parties and events can be quite a smokin’ deal to take.

Rooftop Bar Chicago - NV Penthouse Lounge Rooftop - Birthday Bottle Service

Perks of a Rooftop Bar

A rooftop bar for a birthday party or an event has a lot of perks. Let us discuss a few of them.

Partying Like the Stars

One great thing about a rooftop party in Chicago is that it makes you feel like a celebrity. Rooftop events are actually more popular (and was popularized) in New York City. However, Chicago is just as lively a city. With its wonderful edifices spread around the metro, you have all the chances for a new, exciting and mystical party experience like never before. Just pick among the options and heat up the cold night with champagne and other alcoholic mixes just as the celebrities like Jesse McCartney, Paris Hilton and the others do.

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Minimal Decorations

Rooftop clubs have become widespread in Chicago nowadays. Whether you’re going to any of them or setting up your own rooftop event for a night, either way, you will figure that there really isn’t much of a hassle required just to make the whole area elatingly sparkle. With the starry sky as your backdrop and the moon as your gigantic spotlight, what else could you need for decorations? Just by simply setting up a candle lit chandelier overhead and some dim lighting by the corners, you should be able to get that party aura rolling through the night.

Turning Everything Up

Events no rooftops are considerably isolated from all that goes beneath. Basically, you can turn up the volume of the music and up your dosage of booze, cocktails and all sorts of drinks. You won’t be disturbing anybody just as nobody will come knocking up for all the fun stuff you are doing to cherish the good times with wonderful friends and family.

Vital Ideas in the Planning

A good event experience always stems from how it is set up. In order to get the kind of rooftop party you’ve been longing for, here are a couple of things that you need to consider in the planning:

Choosing Birthday Bottle Service

You don’t have to do all the work necessary. There are experts in the craft of clubbing and making memorable social gatherings possible in general to cater to your needs. On that note, Birthday Bottle Service is the best place to go. With the specializations and expertise of the company in setting up rooftop parties for any kind of event, you can truly expect a noteworthy outcome to follow. All you have to do is pick a Chicago venue to where you want the party to be and they will do all the magic necessary.

Selecting a Concept

So, you have all those ideas swirling inside your head for a birthday party of a plethora of people. The only problem is that you don’t know how to put all of your ideas together. Not to worry there. Birthday Bottle Service, aside from constructing an idea from a plan that have constructed, they have fully conceptualized rooftop clubs that you can quickly book. One of their latest would be the NV Penthouse that features a VIP table, VIP Guest List and a Buy 1 Get 1 Bottle Deal, which will keep the drinks totally coming. But that’s not even the best part. To top it all off, the NV Penthouse features Open formats DJs to play the music, an upscale dress code to add more flavor and class to the event and a large room capacity of 300 persons. The rental lasts until 4 in the morning and the average drink price ranges from $7 to $12.

On another note, if you are setting up an event for a birthday party of a bit over 20 persons, you can go with the No Cost Package of the NV Penthouse that comes with complimentary champagne servings, a VIP guest list and a designated reservation specialist.

A rooftop bar in Chicago is definitely a gem of an idea. Reaping an exceptional social gathering experience through amazing views, drinks and music can be best done with the help of Birthday Bottle Service.

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