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06 Sep Mixology in Manhattan

Bored of getting the same old drinks at your local bar in Manhattan? Or perhaps you’re looking for something that packs more of a punch to invigorate your soul. Well fret not, for we have some of the best recommendations for Mixology NYC bars here in Manhattan that will start your night life off with a bang!

What is Mixology?

For those not in the loop, mixology is vocabulary used in the bar for describing a mixture of cocktails. It is not a hobby, nor is it a gimmick, but rather the fine art of perfecting the craft of mixing a blend of drinks to produce something which you will fall in love with.

Now don’t confuse your local bartender as a mixologist – a mixologist could be a bartender but not the other way around. After all, your bartender need only satisfy the crowd with drinks and possess perhaps a fraction of the knowledge which an excellent mixologist will have in regards to cocktail mixtures.

So wait no further, and check out two of these highly acclaimed Mixology NYC bars that are great for your seasonal cocktail needs this Fall.

Mixology NYC at the Co-op Rivington Hotel

Hotel Bars NYC 2013 - CO-OP Rivington Hotel - Birthday Bottle ServiceIf you’re craving for a posh location with a touch of elegance, look no further for the Co-op Rivington Hotel. This fantastic location brings you all of these and more to fill your night with exquisite fun. With master mixologist Max Petrich in the house every weekend, look forward to seasonal cocktails that have flavors which explode in your mouth.

As if that is not enough, DJs spinning to the latest beats will keep you on your feet as you savor the wonderful list of top class cocktails made with only the very freshest ingredients found across NYC.

Gather your friends and dress to the tens as the Co-op Rivington Hotel is ready to host your next birthday party, corporate event or even a casual night out with your buddies! Expect some great fall cocktails as you dance your night away this weekend!

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Atwood NYC: Your Destination for Great Fall Cocktails

Atwood NYCWhat’s not to love in a place with great vibes, great company, and fantastic seasonal cocktails in Fall? Atwood NYC features a lush interior surrounded by natural wood and calming brick walls, this cozy environment will get you settled right down in an instance.

Located in a quiet corner of Sutton place, the kitchen is perfect for a warm and cozy dinner followed by a hearty night out at the bar. Atwood NYC’s resident mixologist is extremely skilled at his craft, whipping out unique and personalized drinks according to your taste buds in a snap.

Atwood NYC doubles as both a kitchen and a bar room, bringing you seasonal cocktails that are well-balanced and warm, making it perfect for any occasion. Great for casual evenings with your friends and loved ones, be enthralled with their soothing Jazz and current hits smoothly spun by a local DJ. You will never feel more inclusive in a place like this, so wait no further and get your bottle service at Atwood NYC today!

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