Nightlife in NYC on Sundays

Nightlife in NYC on Sundays

16 May Nightlife in NYC on Sundays

Most people assume that nightlife in NYC on Sundays doesn’t exist. In fact, NYC is dubbed the ‘city that never sleeps’ for a reason. It’s true that boozy brunches rule Sunday outings, but that only accounts for a few hours out of the day. These three venues will keep you and your friends entertained well into the night on Sundays.

Shay and Ivy

It’s a fact that weekends are never long enough. Before you know it, Sunday night has arrived and all you want is a few more high quality cocktails before you head back into the work week. Shay and Ivy has you covered.

This lounge and restaurant uses high-quality ingredients in their cocktails, which are crafted by mixologist Patrick Martin. Mr. Martin was recently featured in New York City Monthly Magazine for an insight into his methodology, which you can find here.

Spend your Sunday night sipping some truly top-notch cocktails at Shay and Ivy.

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Looking for some entertainment along with your drinks? No sweat! SideBAR features 21 HD flat screen TVs for that one friend who has a short attention span. Although SideBAR is known for being a sports bar, this venue is both trendy and flexible to suit a variety of tastes. A delicious Americana menu will keep your taste buds happy whether you’re opting for a meal or simply light bites.

Four private rooms ensure that you can have all the privacy you need whether you’re celebrating a Sunday birthday or a promotion a couple of days late. Whatever the occasion, SideBAR is a great option for you.

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Proper West

Midtown is one of the best areas for nightlife in NYC on Sundays. There are no shortage of cool bars and lounges, and you could almost spend a week just trying every single one. If you’re in Midtown and looking for a trendy, modern space to spend your Sunday night, then Proper West is the place for you. This venue features marble countertops and sleek, black and gold décor for classy yet understated surroundings.

Don’t like being in a crowded space? You can stretch out here! The bi-level bar ensures that you won’t be bumping elbows with the next table over. For those looking for a laid back vibe and shareable bites, Proper West is the ideal spot for your Sunday night nosh.

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Nightlife in NYC on Sundays

From so-called “thirsty Thursdays” to boozy brunches on Sundays, there is always something going on in NYC. Nightlife in NYC on Sundays may seem like a fantasy, when in fact there are many places you can visit for that last bit of relaxation before the long week ahead.

But fret not if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to browse for that perfect Sunday hideout. Birthday Bottle Service is a free party planning service that specializes in matching you with the perfect venue. Give us a call, and we’ll help you and your friends find your new go-to Sunday lounge.

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