Plan your next event at the finest bars downtown Chicago

Linkin House Bar

15 May Plan your next event at the finest bars downtown Chicago

If you are visiting Chicago for the first time and want to experience great nightlife, there are several excellent bars downtown Chicago that you should visit. If you are a local, and are planning a birthday party, bachelor party, social gathering with friends, or any other big event or venue, you shouldn’t leave things to chance. Rather, work with our event coordinators, and the excellent bottle service plans we offer, to ensure you get in to the top clubs. Don’t be left out, or left stuck outside at the doors for several hours, only to be turned away. When you plan your event, and book your festivities to visit the bars downtown Chicago you want to visit, we will not only get you in the doors (even on the busiest nights), we will also guarantee a table, and excellent bottle services, so you and all guests can enjoy as many drinks as you want during the evening.

Linkin House Bar

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No matter what type of event you are planning, we have an extensive list of bars downtown Chicago that we can plan your next event at. We provide a couple of options for bottle services in any of the clubs we book your event at. The bottle package is going to get you buy one get one free bottle, one VIP table, a VIP guest list, and a coordinator specialist to work with you, in planning the event, and coordinating the list for guests who are invited to the festivities. The second option that you can choose is the no cost package. With this package deal, you will receive complimentary bottle of champagne, a VIP guest list, and a coordination specialist will work with you to plan the evening. A minimum of twenty guests have to be in attendance for the second package, and free champagne for the evening.

Regardless of which package you choose, you are going to be able to enjoy the night with friends, and are going to be able to take in the event with your group of friends. No matter which of Chicago’s clubs you want to visit, which type of music you enjoy, or what type of party you have planned for the evening, there are many ways for you to save, and to guarantee a great time for the guests who will be attending the event, and visiting the club that you choose to host your event at.

Any club, any style

Whether you choose an upscale lounge like 8Fifty8, or something a little more laid back, like Dolphin, where there are different floors, and different types of crowds, you can choose either of these bottle service packages to truly enjoy your night. You can plan any type of event, and a coordinator is going to work with you, to ensure the evening goes as planned. You can have a birthday party, you can ring in the new year, host a bachelor party, or simply have a work function or party for employees. No matter what you are planning, how many people are going to be in attendance, or what type of atmosphere you want to enjoy for the evening, there are different clubs, different vibes, and different types of scenery that you can enjoy for the evening. When working with a coordinator, you simply have to let them know what you are looking for, the type of crowd and guests, and the type of music you enjoy. From there, they will help you plan the evening, and select the perfect Chicago club or bar, to ensure everyone who will be in attendance, is going to have a great time.

Let your guests enjoy the event

When visiting the bars downtown Chicago for your festivities, you shouldn’t make your guests worry about getting in to a packed club, or having to pay $20 for one drink. With the VIP packages, and table service options, this is not a problem. As long as they are on your VIP guest list, the event coordinator is going to get your guest in the door. Whether you have a table, or simply have set up the event for a group of guests, they are going to gain admission in to the club, no matter what night of the week, or how busy the club may be. Plus, with complimentary bottles, and champagne, your guests are going to be able to enjoy the night, have a great time, and have a few drinks, without having to worry about the high price of enjoying some of the finest bars downtown Chicago in the big city. Whether it is a small gathering, or a large group event, selecting one of our packages is the easiest way to plan for the event, to ensure everyone has a great time, and to guarantee the most affordable prices for all who are going to be attending the event that you have planned.

Enjoy what the city has to offer

Chicago has great clubs. With many celebrity sightings, and with a large crowd out every night, it can be quite difficult to get in to some of the busier bars downtown Chicago. For this reason, booking with our event coordinators, and planning your next event in these bars and clubs, is your best bet to getting in. Not only will you get in to the club, you can also enjoy a comfortable table, and seating, so you can really enjoy all the club has to offer, with anyone that you invite to the event.

If you are hosting a party, have a social gathering, or are preparing for a 21st birthday party, why not work with our event coordinators, and specialists, to get in to some of the best bars downtown Chicago. Not only will you find the coordinators will help you select the right bar or club for the group of people who are going to be in attendance, you are also bound to have a great time, and enjoy all the city has to offer, with excellent VIP services all night long as well.

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