Popular Reggae Clubs In NYC

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27 Feb Popular Reggae Clubs In NYC

Reggae music is one of the favorite genres of music for a lot of people. It is exciting and full of energy. It is the inspiration behind modern hip hop. When you hear reggae, the distinct tempo and rhythm get right into your blood and just gets you moving. In the New York City area, there are many venues where you can go and enjoy a night of reggae music. Here are some suggestions on the best reggae clubs in NYC.

1. Katra Lounge

katra lounge 8

The Katra Lounge is inspired by an Middle Eastern influence. It has the best reggae and hip hop music in Manhattan. You can move and dance to the music performed by the best DJs in reggae and hip hop. The venue is decorated by furnishings from the Mediterranean, with exotic wood paneling, handcrafted vases, and floor rugs that lend themselves to the whole mood of the environment. The reddish lighting enhance the ambiance even more.

Enjoy a night of lively reggae with your friends and bask in the luxurious feel of the venue. You can savor one of Katra’s exotic cocktails. Try one flavored with pomegranate or lychee. You can even enjoy a hookah while you are there. Food is served until 2 in the morning, so try some of their delectable dishes. The sofas are covered with soft, plush pillows so you can lounge comfortably on the sofa after a night of dancing. Enjoy chatting with your friends or find a nook and cozy up to your special someone. The dress code is on the upscale side. The Katra is opened until 4am.

2. M1-5 Lounge

The M1-5 Lounge is right between Chinatown and Tribeca. In addition to great music, the venue provides a lot of other amenities. The main floor is about 5,000 sq.ft., and the ceilings are 18ft high. There are HD flat TVs that can display various events like sports or performances. The stage has a state-of-the art PA system so you are sure to experience the best sound in the reggae music.

The M1-5 is great whether you are with a big group or a small party. There is a large row of private booths that are draped so you can have a more intimate setting. There are oversized booths for large parties. If you want a smaller and cozier feel, there are lounge seating areas that are elegantly designed. There are even private areas for VIPs. The menu has a wide range of food choices and the bar serves all kinds of mixed drinks, cocktails and beer, both domestic and imported. The M1-5 is opened until 4am.

3. Taj Lounge

Another one of the popular reggae clubs in NYC is the The Taj Lounge at the Flatiron. It is a popular spot for music and dancing. When you walk in, you are transported to an exotic environment inspired by India. The venue is luxuriously decorated in rich teak that is intricately carved in exotic patterns. The are dancing shivas made of sandstone. The lighting is sexy and exciting. It is the perfect combination of a lounge, a restaurant, and a venue for special events.

The Taj is open at 6pm so you can start out with a nice dinner, then follow with a night of music and dancing. You can dress comfortably, but collared shirts are required, and no sneakers.

4. Attic Rooftop

Among the most popular reggae clubs in NYC is the Attic Rooftop on top of the Hilton Hotel. This is located 16 floors above the city. This is another option if you love great views because you get a nice view of the Hudson. The environment gives you a feel of what Miami is like. The terrace overlooks the corner of 8th and 48th in Manhattan. Enjoy great music all night long. The drink menu is extensive and filled with exotic options. Music is played until 4 in the morning. Along with LED lights and a large projection screen, you and your party will have an unforgettable experience.

A lot of the best reggae clubs in NYC also play other genres of music. So, you should check the schedule for performances if it is available. Some clubs do have dress codes, so make sure that you know the dress code for that particular venue.

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