The Secrets of VIP Bottle Service

25 Jun The Secrets of VIP Bottle Service

When celebrities go to a club, they expect the best of everything. Guaranteed admittance to the club, special attention from the staff, priority seating and access to the best drinks the bartenders craft, are all among the perks of being a true VIP at clubs in major U.S. cities, but those special services aren’t just for the rich and famous.


You can be treated to the ultimate experience when you visit the hottest clubs in the U.S. by taking advantage of VIP bottle service.

The Basics of VIP Bottle Service

So what is VIP bottle service? Basically, VIP bottle service is priority service at a club. Here are some of the basic features of the service, but keep in mind that clubs may have their own special rules and policies regarding the service:

  • Bottle service reservations are made in advance. Clubs only accept a small number of reservations, and there may be a lengthy waiting list at popular spots.
  • With VIP bottle service, you are guaranteed to be on the guest list of the club and will be admitted even if others are being turned away outside.
  • Inside of the club, you’re given a table that will be yours for the night. A server, sometimes called a bottle boy or bottle girl, will be assigned to look after you for the night.
  • You’ll be presented with a list of bottles that are available for purchase from the bar. You’ll order from this list instead of buying individual drinks.
  • Once you’ve made your selection, the bottles will be brought to your table. You’ll also get basic mixers and can request any special mixers that you might like. Clubs will also provide common garnishes for cocktails.
  • Your server will make your cocktails for you using the mixers, garnishes and the alcohols that you’ve purchased. Mixers will be refilled until the bottles run out. Then, you can purchase more bottles to get the drinks flowing again.
  • Throughout the night, your table will be reserved for you. You can mingle and dance as much as you want and return to the table to drink and talk with your friends.
  • Bottles are marked up steeply for VIP bottle service, but if you tend to drink high-priced cocktails, you may break even due to the high prices of purchasing drinks individually in major cities.

Benefits of Using Birthday Bottle Service to Arrange VIP bottle service

As explained above, VIP bottle service requires advance reservations, and it can be hard to get on the list if you don’t know someone at the club. Birthday Bottle Service was founded to help everyone get the VIP bottle service experience in major cities across the U.S. We are a nightlife reservation service that helps to book VIP bottle service on behalf of our clients for special celebrations of all kinds. Some of the advantages of booking through us include:

  • Carefully Curated Collection of Venues – It can be hard to know if the buzz surrounding clubs is just hype or really a sign that the venue provides an unforgettable experience. Birthday Bottle Service carefully screens venues before making arrangements with them. If you see a venue on our list, you can be certain that you’ll truly be getting the best experience for VIP bottle service.
  • Designated Reservation Specialist – When you choose Birthday Bottle Service to handle your nightlife reservations, you’ll get the services of a reservation specialist to help you plan. He or she can answer all of your questions about VIP bottle service and will help you get ready for the evening. If you have any concerns about the night or have special requests, you can count on the specialist to assist you.
  • Bottle Specials – At many of our venues, Birthday Bottle Service has worked out unique Bottle Packages for our clients. With these deals, you can purchase bottles at a reduced price or buy a bottle and get one of equal or lesser value for free. This helps to make VIP bottle service more affordable.
  • True VIP Treatment – When you use Birthday Bottle Service, you’ll truly get the VIP treatment. We will give your special VIP guest list directly to the club to ensure that you don’t have any hassles at the door. Our Bottle Packages also guarantee a table to make your night enjoyable.

Where You Can Get the VIP Treatment

Birthday Bottle Service offers VIP bottle service reservations in many major cities, including:

  • New York City – You can choose from more than 30 different clubs in NYC with locations in some of the Five Borough’s trendiest neighborhoods.
  • Chicago – We have more than one dozen of the Windy City clubs lined up for offering VIP bottle service for our clients.
  • Los Angeles – Get priority service at some of the most exclusive clubs in the LA area when you book with us.
  • Charlotte – More and more clubs in Charlotte are offering VIP bottle service, and we have arrangements with the best of the best in the city.
  • Atlanta – You can make it an unforgettable night in Hotlanta at one of our elite venues.
  • Boston – We work with a number of hot clubs in Boston to bring VIP bottle service to New England.

VIP bottle service turns any night out at a club into a memorable experience, making it perfect for throwing an extra special birthday party, but you don’t have to wait until someone is having a birthday to get the VIP treatment.

Birthday Bottle Service offers VIP bottle service for any occasion. You can take advantage of our nightlife reservation service for bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, anniversaries, promotions, college graduations and engagements. You can even take advantage of our services to make an ordinary evening out with your friends something unforgettable. Book your unforgettable night online now and experience the fun of VIP bottle service at one of the best clubs in the USA.

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