St Patrick’s Day Afterparties in NYC

14 Feb St Patrick’s Day Afterparties in NYC

Should you be in NYC in the middle of March, then you’re in luck for a very exciting event! St Patrick’s Day 2017 in NYC falls on March 17. The annual St Patrick’s Day parade in NYC will be held from 11 am at 44th Street all the way till Fifth Avenue past St Patrick’s Cathedral and down to 79th Street.

St. Patrick’s Day in NYC

St Patrick’s day itself is a rather important affair here in NYC, especially around the Anglican and the Irish community. It celebrates Saint Patrick who converted the Pagan Irish to Christianity and before long, Patrick became Ireland’s foremost saint.

Today, the celebrations revolve around parades, festivals and music sessions where gatherings involving dances and banquets are held. If you are wondering about what to do after the usual celebrations on St Patrick’s day, look no further! We’ll be taking a look at some of the popular afterparty destinations in NYC for you to end your St Patrick’s Day with a big bang!

Bounce Sporting Club

Bounce Sporting Club NYCInspired by 1950’s, Bounce Sporting Club is a sports bar and disco that offers an unparalleled viewing experience for people looking to indulge in a little sport. All things being said, this beautiful bar will be great for an after party on St Patrick’s day with their never-ending entertainment ranging from sports to some high-energy fun on the disco floor.

Bounce Sporting Club prides itself with its 30 flat screen television that surrounds the room while you enjoy their great menu of drinks. They even have their own mixologists and their Asian-influenced cuisine will leave your mouth watering!

The fun on St Patrick’s day doesn’t stop after the end of the parade, so book yourself a table here at Bounce Sporting Club and let the party never stop!

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Carroll Place

Carroll PlaceCarroll Place, an Italian-American Winebar and Gastropub located in Greenwich Village, is the perfect place to go after St Patrick’s Day 2017 in NYC. With their vibrant atmosphere and intimate live music setting available, you’ll enjoy plenty of entertainment throughout the evening. You can expect events to be held during the night, while you enjoy some of their renowned meals including homemade pasta, burgers and chicken wings.

Decorated with a rustic feel in mind, the communal bar and living room will make you feel right at home, with a cosy cottage feel and velvet drapes, ideal for large groups of friends to gather for your celebrations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy yourself thoroughly here at Carroll Place this St Patrick’s Day!

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Cutting Room

cutting-room-smallCutting Room boasts of one of the lounges with the richest history behind it, including top performers such as John Mayer, David Bowie and Lady Gaga. The impressive space is often filled with live music acts by up and coming artists and features some amazing party events that are absolutely electric.

If you wish to experience a chill night with music and drinks after a long day enjoying St Patrick’s Day 2017 in NYC, then Cutting Room will be a great destination for you.

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