The Best Covered Rooftop Lounges In NYC Fall 2019

15 Sep The Best Covered Rooftop Lounges In NYC Fall 2019

Now that fall is here, it’s time to say goodbye to the warm nights of summer on open-air rooftop lounges. Enjoying the skyline and a well-deserved drink with friends may seem like something that will have to wait until warmer weather returns. Fret not, for there are plenty of covered rooftop lounges in NYC this fall. Enjoy a night out at a rooftop lounge in heated comfort at one of our favorite picks.

1. Elsie Rooftop

Mixology is king at Elsie Rooftop, where you and your friends can enjoy seasonal fare and drinks at this covered rooftop lounge in Times Square. The lavish décor is the ideal backdrop for selfies and professional photography to document your night.

This stylish and upscale venue is perfect for private parties and events as well as intimate tête-à-têtes with close friends.

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2. Monarch Rooftop

Monarch RooftopWhether you’re getting an after-work drink with your colleagues or looking for a comfortable conversation space to catch up with friends, the penthouse and outdoor patio at Monarch Rooftop are designed for socializing. Grab some cocktails, mix up your night with dancing, or share some small plates with your friends when you’re feeling snackish.

Glass ceilings and great views, coupled with some of the best hospitality Manhattan has to offer, will ensure that your night at this rooftop lounge is one to remember.

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3. PhD Lounge

Located on the roof of the Dream Downtown hotel, PhD lounge offers panoramic views of the Hudson River and Empire State Building. This upscale lounge is one of the best penthouse experience that NYC has to offer with carefully crafted light bites and artisan cocktails in tastefully-decorated surrounds.

With its convenient location in the Meatpacking district, PhD Lounge is the perfect combination of luxury, location, and experience.

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4. Hotel Chantelle

hotel chantelle nycIf you’re looking for covered rooftop lounges in the Lower East Side, Hotel Chantelle is a truly memorable destination. This lounge is designed to evoke 1940’s Paris. Inside, dark wood paneling, leather seats, and subdued lighting set the scene for intimate conversation. Outside, a rooftop lounge styled like a 40’s Paris street features a retractable roof so you can comfortably enjoy fall and winter nights.

Indulge your palate with light plates that showcase flavors from around the world, as well as a drink menu with old classics and modern mixology.

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5. Magic Hour at Moxy

If you’re looking for a cheeky destination to celebrate a bachelorette party or enjoy a night out with friends, Magic Hour at Moxy is your go-to rooftop lounge in the Meatpacking district. If you get tired of drinks and dancing, fret not. This venue features its own miniature golf course with larger-than-life follies in flirtatious poses.

This venue is perfect when you and your friends can’t agree what kind of vibe you’re looking for: garden party, carnival, urban-industrial, Magic Hour at Moxy has it all.

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