The Best Karaoke Bars in NYC

23 Dec The Best Karaoke Bars in NYC

When people usually go to see a show, they pay professionals to perform a pre-planned production.

Karaoke is a unique form of entertainment. Instead of applauding professionals on stage, you’re cheering for your friends, family, or coworkers.

Some people love the suggestion of karaoke. The idea of singing on stage in front of a room of strangers – or even friends and family – is enough to make others break out in cold sweats. Karaoke is not a cause to worry, though! It’s the joyful shared embarrassment which helps people connect in a totally different way.

Searching for the best karaoke bars in NYC? Look no further!

The Best Karaoke Bars in NYC

Karaoke is an enjoyable way to spend an evening out with your friends and family. It’s also a great ice breaker for co-workers, since everyone can be as creative as they want in a fun environment. Best of all, karaoke is a great way meet new people.

Arlene’s Grocery – Featuring ‘world famous rock and roll karaoke’, you can live out all your rock band dreams as you sing with a live band behind you. Shows are every Monday at 10pm.

Baby Grand – The one and only boutique karaoke bar in NYC features live band karaoke nightly at 9pm The Best Karaoke Bars in NYC - BBSin addition to karaoke machines. A unique highlight of this bar is “fortune cookie-oke”, a concept similar to Russian Roulette: participants are given fortune cookies with random songs inside. After that? That’s up to you!

Karaoke Shout – The motto at Karaoke Shout is ‘Singing heals the world’, and you can really explore their meaning with both private and stage karaoke on offer. Karaoke runs all week long, with weekend nights ending at 4am for all your late night ballad needs.

Gagopa Karaoke & 32 Karaoke – Each of these sister karaoke bars boast 20,000 English songs, 10,000 Spanish songs, and thousands more in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and more. Rock out to your favorite songs 7 nights a week at either location.

Radio Star Karaoke – Sporting inspiring vintage music decor, Radio Star Karaoke is a karaoke fan’s paradise. Drink packages – including one that goes all night – are perfect for both individuals and groups. Sing away on stage seven nights a week. Or, if you’re looking for a more exclusive event, rent one of their private karaoke rooms.

Every karaoke bar has its own unique feel, song list, and vibe. There are dozens of karaoke bars to choose from in NYC, so experiment, check around, and see which fits your style best!

Private vs. Open Lounge/Stage Karaoke

Private versus Open Lounge (also known as ‘stage karaoke’) karaoke boils down to preference. If you’re going with a small group or solo, you can easily benefit from the energy that an open environment provides.

While watching who’s on stage can also be great for parties, a private room is often a better fit for group events. You and your friends can sing as loudly and get as wild as you want!

Remember: you aren’t going to get a world-class performance at a karaoke bar, so relax and have fun! It doesn’t matter how good or how bad your voice is – everyone goes to a karaoke bar to sing and have a good time.  It takes a real jerk to boo at someone during karaoke!

That brings us to the rules of etiquette for karaoke.

Karaoke Etiquette

The Best Karaoke Bars in NYC - BBSSong lyrics and the nerves of singing in front of a crowd – even if it’s just your friends – may be the main thoughts in your mind when it comes to karaoke night. But did you know that there are rules of etiquette for karaoke?

Most rules of etiquette for karaoke are common sense.

  • Applaud for every singer, no matter how much or how little you like them.
  • Don’t walk in front of the monitor while someone is singing.
  • Don’t boo at the singer or make any derogatory remarks.
  • Don’t jump on stage and back someone’s singing up (or sing a duet with them) unless you’re invited.
  • Treat the microphone and any other equipment with respect; it isn’t yours, and others have to use it, so don’t be inconsiderate!

Above all, have fun! Don’t be the downer in your group and gripe at every performance. Relax and remember that everyone’s at the karaoke bar to have a good night out.

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