Toast any celebration with VIP nightclub Chicago bottle service.

VIP nightclub Chicago - Parliament Chicago - Birthday Bottle Service

08 Mar Toast any celebration with VIP nightclub Chicago bottle service.

If you are celebrating a new job or position, for a graduation party, a 21st birthday, or a corporate work event, visiting one of the top local clubs in Chicago, is a great way to celebrate. Rather than pay for each drink, you can choose a VIP nightclub Chicago bottle service, with some of the top clubs. In addition to saving on the price you will pay for bottles and for drinks, you will also find that you can book the ideal space, at the finest bars or clubs in the city, when you book your bottle services with us. With so many clubs, you can celebrate any event or gathering at the perfect location, when you book your next event with us.

VIP nightclub Chicago - Lumen nightclub - Birthday Bottle ServiceLumen Nightclub, in the Fulton district, is the first Eco-friendly Chicago nightclub in the area. With over 5000 square feet, a DJ booth and an expansive surround system, and with LED lighting, along with 100% sustainable bamboo furniture, you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, in a club designed to save the environment. Visitors who want to skip the long line at the door can always book a table with us, and VIP nightclub Chicago services, so they can skip right in upon arriving. If you like a unique atmosphere, great music, and an eclectic style, you are bound to love Lumen.

VIP nightclub Chicago - Parliament Chicago - Birthday Bottle ServiceParliament Chicago is a popular River North hot spot for both locals, and visitors in the windy city. It boasts five distinct bars, and is one of the local hot spots which is often frequented by celebrities in the area. With hand crafted cocktails and exclusive bottle service, you can toast any big celebratory moment, at the club. A designated table reservation specialist will help you book the perfect table for your venue, and the perfect bottles, so you can toast the evening with friends, co workers, or family.

VIP nightclub Chicago - 8fifty8 Chicago - Birthday Bottle Service8Fifty8 is a popular spot in the west loop. The stylish, high end bar, has seen its fair share of celebrities, and eclectic guests, who have a refined taste. With large comfortable tables, ottomans for comfortable seating, and an open style lounge area, you will truly enjoy the open and comfortable space, when you choose to order VIP nightclub Chicago service, and bottle services, for your next big event.

These are only a few of the many great clubs which you can choose to visit, if you are going to celebrate a big event with a group of friends and family. No matter what the occasion is, or who is going to join you for the festivities, these are some of the finest hot spots to visit in the city of Chicago. They are large, wide open areas, and when you choose to rent out a table for your enjoyment, you do not have to worry about beating the crowd in on a busy night. You are guaranteed access to the club, and the finest bottle service, when you book your next event with our VIP nightclub Chicago services, at these, and other fine Chicago clubs.

Why order bottle service?

Due to the fact that drinks are extremely pricey downtown, in Fulton Square, and anywhere around the Loop, bottle service and a VIP nightclub Chicago package, is the way to save. Not only is it going to be much cheaper to host your venue with our exclusive service, it is also a way to ensure all guests who are going to visit the club, will have the drinks they love, top shelf bottles, and the best tables in the house, for an affordable price. So, you can truly take in the atmosphere, and have a great time with your friends, without having to worry about overpaying for each drink you order at the bar.

Only the finest clubs

We offer VIP nightclub Chicago at some of the finest, most well known clubs in the city. If you enjoy the best drinks, great music, a comfortable atmosphere, and the finest cocktails, we can provide all of these things and more, with our bottle services. Not only are you going to save, but you are also going to be around the crowds you like to frequent, and can have a great evening out with your group of friends, when you choose to book your next event with us, and our VIP service offerings.

VIP services

When you choose our VIP nightclub Chicago services, you are also going to avoid the expansive wait at some of Chicago’s most frequented bars. These, and other hot spots like Bodi or Hearts Nightclub, are not only extremely difficult to get in to, but will sometimes require you waiting in line for hours, in order to gain admission. Due to the fact that these clubs are so busy, and because celebrities and other known locals are going to get in before you, it is a great idea to consider vip services, if you are planning a special night out. No matter what you are celebrating, you won’t have to wait in the extremely long lines. You will gain admission upon arriving, and you will have a table waiting for you, your friends, or a group of co workers, when you are celebrating something big. So, if you want to be sure you will not have a hard time getting in, and don’t want to have to wait to try to get a seat in one of the busiest clubs, our vip services, are a great choice for you and your party to consider.

There are several fine clubs that you may want to visit in the city of Chicago; but, many of these clubs are difficult to get in to, and even harder to get table service at. When you book your VIP nightclub Chicago package with us, you don’t have to worry about this. Not only do we offer affordable bottle service, we also book a table for you, and as many people who are in your group, for a price you can’t beat with any other local service provider.

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