Top Choices for the Best Night Clubs in Los Angeles

Playhouse Nightclub

07 Nov Top Choices for the Best Night Clubs in Los Angeles

When you are tired from work, or there is a special event coming up, partying at some of the finest night clubs in Los Angeles is always an exciting way to spend your leisure time. After all, the city is brimming with top-notch night clubs that are worth checking out. From high-end to upscale LA night clubs, you can find just the perfect place you need for hours of partying.

Night Clubs to Choose from in Los Angeles

Looking to find the ultimate nightclub in this part of the city? When it comes to Los Angeles night clubs, there is always one that will stand out among the rest. Here, you can check out posh night clubs with a chic Old Hollywood vibe, gay-friendly dance clubs in WeHo, and basically several clubs in different styles and themes.

What’s more, popular LA clubs feature top-tier DJs spinning their mixes on any given night. So, you can just let loose on the dance floor and go on a dance-a-thon from dusk till dawn! All you have to do is to make reservations ahead of time, tag along a few friends, dress for the occasion, and get ready to party the night away! With endless choices for the best Los Angeles night clubs, it’s not surprising that this city is the ultimate party destination for everyone.

Here are some of the recommended night clubs in Los Angeles that you might want to check out when you need a great venue for a perfect party with you and your friends.

1. Ohm Nightclub


Be impressed by the exquisite nightlife scene that the Ohm Nightclub has to offer. In fact, this LA club is one of the finest you can get in the city. It is overlooking the stunning Hollywood Boulevard, which gives you just the perfect view and ambiance you’ve been looking for in an excellent night club.

There is a lounge room and main club room, and the club can accommodate as much as 1000 guests at a time. The light and sound system will blow your mind away, thanks to the spectacular LED panels that illuminate the dance floor and the heart-pumping music playing for hours. You can also relax in the intimate seating area that is just the right spot for lounging and chilling out.

Make a reservation at Ohm Nightclub now and have that amazing experience on a fantastic night out with your friends!

2. Emerson Theatre

emerson theatre

Enter the world of Old Hollywood era at the Emerson Theatre, in Los Angeles. This place is bustling with everything Gatsy-esque – burlesque theme, fancy decors, and dancers that give you a feeling of traveling back to Old Hollywood days. You will be impressed by this unique theme that will add to your overall experience as you party for hours.

The night club features a dance floor in the center, and it is surrounded by two bars, DJ station and a few over sized booths. You can also choose from a wide selection of drinks as created by Peter Kanaat, one of the top notch mixologists in town.

So, what are you waiting for? Secure your spot at Emerson Theatre today by booking your upcoming party for great deals you can never resist.

3. Buffalo Club Santa Monica

The Buffalo Club Santa Monica

Since 1991, this LA bar has been offering an outstanding night life experience that you simply can never resist. From being a lively dive bar, it has turned into a chic and high-end bar and restaurant frequented by hundreds of guests nightly. Its interior also screams style and sophistication – with fancy leather booths, stylish landscape paintings and elegant mahogany bar that gives this place a classic vibe unlike any other.

Aside from its breathtaking design and layout, Buffalo Club Santa Monica is famous for its scrumptious menu. Chef Patrick Healy got every dish covered here at the club, which include fancy choices of caviar, monkfish tournedo, oxtail dumplings and red hot spicy tuna tartar. There are also great options for cocktails, so you can have an even better time dancing and dining here at the club.

If you need the perfect venue for your private events, you can find the one you’ve been looking for here at The Buffalo Club. For averaged-sized events with a maximum of 75 guests, the Iroquois Room is the finest spot for you. The Garden Courtyard, on the other hand, is great for a bigger party with more events. This party venue can accommodate up to 110 guests, whether you opt for cocktails or a sit-down buffet. You ca also book the Private Courtyard for a more intimate party of 40 guests, or 100 people for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

Got a party planned in the next few weeks? Celebrate it right here at The Buffalo Club and make your reservations for a bottle deal or guest-list today.

4. Hooray Henrys

Hooray Henrys

Another posh hangout in LA is Hooray Henrys. At first glance inside this club, you will have that spectacular feeling of being transported to London – with British interior design that is quite typical of fancy hotels in this part of the world. With stunning decor and relaxing ambiance all over the club, you can never resist spending a special event in this exquisite LA club.

This nightclub is situated in Beverly Hills, so it’s only natural to find something sophisticated as this bar know for its effortlessly chic design that’s also what you can find in other similar night clubs in LA such as the Shore Bar and Bootsy Bellows. Dance, party, and enjoy a few drinks here at Hooray Henrys and make the first step by reserving for a bottle deal or guest list before your planned event.

5. Playhouse Nightclub

Playhouse Nightclub

Celebrity sightings are fairly common at the Playhouse night club, and you won’t be surprised to find several famous stars and musicians partying here at the club nightly. So, it’s only expected that the club can be quite selective when it comes to taking in guests, which means you have to put on a completely upscale outfit to get in. Forget about those baggy jeans and jerseys, and dress up in your most sophisticated attire to fit in perfectly with other equally glamorous guests in the club.

No matter what type of event you have planned, you will find this place an excellent spot for a party. There are VIP booths for your privacy, or you can just join in the fun at the lounge and hit the dance floor that’s spacious enough to accommodate all guests. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by other unique features in the club such as go-go dancers and aerial contortionists that add excitement to any party!

Choose from these exciting and chic night clubs in LA, and celebrate your most-awaited party that you will never forget!

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