Top Safety Tips for New Years

Top Safety Tips for New Years

19 Dec Top Safety Tips for New Years

New Years is a special occasion. It’s a time for friends to get together to bid farewell to the previous year and welcome in a shiny, hopeful new one. The mood is light; everyone is ready for a new start into a new year, and everyone wants to have a great time. Staying safe is a priority to get 2018 off to a good start. Here are our top safety tips for new years.

Top Safety Tips for Celebrating New Years on the Town

There’s nothing quite like the joining in the excitement of thousands of fellow revelers counting down to the new year. Everyone is in a festive spirit and there is a truly special feeling in the air.

If you’re going out, here are a few handy tips to stay safe:

  • Top Safety Tips for New YearsTake friends with you: Besides, partying is more fun with your besties anyway! There’s safety in numbers, so be sure to stick with your group as bet as you can.
  • Have a DD if you’re driving: One, two, four champagnes? Before you know it, you’re on your third bottle! It can be too easy to drink a bit much when you’re having a great time. Instead of worrying about what to do about getting home by the time you’ve gotten home, plan in advance and choose someone in the group to be a DD.
  • Make sure someone knows where you are: No, we’re not talking about turning on GPS tracking or minute-by-minute updates. Just make sure a trusted friend or family member knows the bars or nightclubs you plan to visit during the night, and update them with any changes of plans.
  • Keep your belongings close: Considering that everyone is going to be having fun in a busy setting with lots of people around, New Years’ is a prime target for thieves and pickpockets. Keep your belongings close so that none of your valuables mysteriously wander off by the end of the night.
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended: Just like thieves are looking for opportunities to steal valuables, there are unfortunately people who actively seek opportunities to spike drinks. Avoid this problem by keeping your drink with you at all times. If you’ve lost track of your drink at any point, be safe and order something new.
  • Pack a DIY Hangover Survival Kit: Bring a hangover survival kit so that you or one of your friends can use it if needed! We’ve put together a DIY guide here»
  • Charge your cell phone before you go: There’s little worse than being out and realizing that your phone is about to die, especially when there’s a perfect picture you want to take! Charge your phone fully before you go, or bring a portable charger if you have one.

Top Safety Tips for New Years’ at Home

If going out for New Years’ isn’t your thing, or you’re just planning to have a quiet gathering at home with friends, take a couple of minutes to prepare your home for a safe and fun night.

  • Top Safety Tips for New YearsFireworks Safety: What rings in the New Year better than fireworks? Although it’s cold out, fireworks can cause sparks in cold weather too. Be sure to have water or a fire extinguisher on hand, and soak any fireworks in water for at least 30 minutes prior to disposing. Never leave kids unattended with fireworks.
  • Protect your Pets: Make sure your furry friends have ID tags before the fireworks begin. Lock and secure any fences or gates in case Fido accidentally gets out. Keep your pets in a quiet room and provide toys, blankets, and a place to hide.
  • Make Sure Your Friends Get Home Safely: If you have friends over, make sure everyone can get home safely, such as by driving them home yourself for calling them a cab if absolutely needed.
  • …Or Provide a Place to Stay: Provide extra mattresses, beds, or bedding for friends just in case – and if you have the space!

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