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23 Jul Unique 21st Birthday NYC

Creating a unique celebration for a 21st birthday NYC, can seem challenging and it may feel as though all the great ideas have already been taken. But simply taking the time to make sure that the birthday party is all about the person turning 21, is what will make that event memorable and special.

21st Birthday NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

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Here are some fantastic venues for a 21st birthday NYC as well as some new and old ideas that are ideal for the occasion.

The Hudson Terrace NYC

This has to be among the favorite venues for a 21st birthday bash. The rooftop terrace has spectacular views of the Hudson River and the surrounding city lights. Best of all, the terrace has a retractable roof as well as cabanas that are enclosed in glass so no matter what the weather on the day of the celebration, you will be covered.

The lounge area is ideal for a more intimate and relaxed birthday celebration while the club and dance floor are perfect to bring life to any party. The combination of these three areas in the Hudson Terrace provide you with a variety of options as to the theme, decorations, food, drinks and even entertainment.

The Cellar Bar NYC

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the Cellar
Bar is set in the Bryant Park Hotel in Midtown West. There is nothing dowdy or boring about this venue. The white tiled vaulted ceilings are just right to add atmosphere to the bar with clever lighting displays.

The almost Gothic design combined with modern furnishings and decor create a unique and trendy environment. You can choose from a list of top DJ’s that frequently flaunt their talents at the Cellar Bar or you can choose your own entertainment style for the evening.

La Vie NYC

If you are looking for a venue that is a bit more upscale, look no further than the current hottest lounge, La Vie. Not only does this nyc venue provide a great music vibe, but the addition of Hookahs table side, will add a unique flair to the 21st birthday NYC.

The Mediterranean atmosphere lends itself to a themed celebration or your guests can really get dressed up for the occasion. A variety of food options are also available to treat the taste buds.

Slate NYC

For a more sporty bar atmosphere for a 21st birthday NYC, check out Slate in the Flatiron district. Slate offers an upmarket bar style menu and the mood is set by music of different eras – from 80’s classic rock to the latest top 40 hits.

The venue is set on two levels and the addition of billiard tables put the final touch on the bar atmosphere. After dinner, the dining area is discreetly hidden away by a row of doors that mimic a wall, giving the venue an entirely different feel. The Slate is the ideal setting for a more laid back celebration if dressing up for an occasion is not your idea of a party.

The Taj Lounge

This venue brings a whole new meaning to the word unique for a 21st birthday NYC. The modern Indian inspired decor brings a rich and luxurious feel to the combination restaurant, lounge and bar. You can dine on the best cuisine in a formal setting and then lay back and relax in one of the booths filled with cushions and pillows.

The Taj Lounge will also go out of their way to ensure that every aspect of your birthday celebration is exactly as you would like it to be. Custom menu’s, fantastic service as well as the decor and entertainment can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

The combination of a formal and relaxed setting does not mean that you can’t still dance the night away. You can choose from a selection of the current top hits or opt for a DJ to entertain your guests. Alternatively, live music can also be arranged for your special birthday celebration.

Bounce Sporting Bar NYC

Bounce brings together all the elements of a classic sports bar in a very upmarket fashion. A large number of flat screen TV’s surround the epic dance floor where the latest and greatest music will keep you dancing into the early hours.

While offering all the usual beverages, cocktails and drinks, Bounce has their own mixologist so that you can taste some new innovative libations. Unique to a bar environment, the cuisine has an Asian flair which adds a touch of class and style to your sports bar inspired birthday bash.

The sports bar environment lends itself to multiple 21st birthday ideas. Management and staff will make every attempt to add touches that will bring the venue in line with a theme or specific request that you may have.

Whether you are planning your own 21st birthday party or doing so on behalf of a friend or family member, remember to book your venue as far in advance as possible. This is especially important if you have a number of unique decor, food, drinks, entertainment or other requests that need to be fulfilled.

If you are struggling with a venue choice, first pick a theme for the celebration and then select a venue that will match that theme. You can use the exact opposite strategy if you cannot choose a theme. Simply select a venue and then allow the theme to develop naturally from the location for the 21st birthday NYC.

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