Unique Cocktail Bars in NYC 2016

unique cocktail bars in nyc

17 May Unique Cocktail Bars in NYC 2016

We all know that New York is swimming in great cocktail bars. The art of mixology is more popular than ever, and new, original bars and lounges are opening all the time. The list of unique cocktail bars in NYC 2016 is vast, so let us help you narrow down your options!

Maple Lounge

Aspen Social Club NYC

Conveniently located on West 47th Street in the Night Hotel, Maple Lounge is a luxurious and stylish place amidst the chaos of Time Square. Famous for its edgy and artistic arty design both inside and out, it’s a must see for everyone looking for unique bars in NYC.

The Maple Lounge ambiance stands out with a sleekly urban look and unique, tangible coziness factor. It offers everything you may need – style, drinks, comfort, and food – packed into one modern space. Geometric tables and booths along with log cabin floors give it an unparalleled ‘awesome’ factor.

This lounge-esque club, owned by renowned Brier Group, offers a menu that can be described as “comfort food with a flair”, served in a nice and cozy place conducive to share food. Maple Lounge promotes socializing through food and drinks. And if food is awesome, the drinks are even more so. The venue’s drink menu offers an extensive selection of different cocktails, so it’s hard not to find your new favorite cocktail on the list.

The Maple Lounge is a place where you can party and drink like a celebrity. Rub shoulders with the best of the nightclub circuit in a place where East coast chic bash meets West coast chalet. The premium bar opens starting at 9 PM and runs until the end of the night while DJs spin dance hits, rock beats, and hip hop from the state-of-the-art sound system.

Once you’re at The Maple Lounge, you won’t want to stop dancing and trying out new cocktails. Keep your grooves going into the next day and say cheers with a champagne toast. You can even get the last one for free with Birthday Bottle Service’s no-cost package! Festive party feelings will circulate all night long, decking you even more.

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Open House Bar

open-house-bar-nycOpen House Bar is a stylish lounge that prides itself on a no-list, no-hassle, and no-cover policy. Slip through the front door and be surprised by the décor and bars at both ends of the spacious room. Spend your evening basking in the glow of chrome lights while sipping tasty cocktails. DJs and special Thursday-night bartenders draw a mix of regular and out-of-towner clientele.

Since 2012, Open House Bar has been an inviting place that welcomes the discerning crowd. Portraying the image of a charming modern home, the bar is hidden behind the wooden façade. Fashionably worn furnishings along with little chic accents create a luxurious ambiance. Open House Bar creates a cozy atmosphere with its earthy tones, brick walls, and warm lightning fixtures. Bespoke tables and vintage marble add refinement with an infusion of rustic elements of copper and buffalo nickels.

But don’t think that décor is the only aspect that differentiates this bar from other venues. Open House Bar has delicious cocktails loved by many. From the After Midnight (White Crème de Menthe, Rinse of Absinthe, Woodford reserve, and Crème de Cacao) to the Sour Match (Ritten House with lemon and maple syrup), the drinks are as electric and cool as the design of the bar.

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unique cocktail bars in NYC 2016Unique Cocktail Bars in NYC 2016

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