Various Live Music Bars NYC

17 Feb Various Live Music Bars NYC

People are looking for more fun and enjoyable leisure activities that they can engage in during their free time. In New York City, people can find various night life entertainment spots such as clubs and live music bars nyc within this vicinity. Many of these establishments offer quality service that is also very affordable. Here is a quick look at some really nice live music bars and clubs in New York City that revelers and music enthusiasts should find captivating and interesting to visit on a frequent basis.

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There is nothing more sweet that listening the tunes of music being played on live instruments by skilled and experienced musicians and singers. Music is a cure to the troubles or the heart and soul. Anyone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of some live music performances can choose a number of places within this big city. The most important thing is to look for a venue that suites your tastes and preferences. At the same time, getting a place that is affordable and whose rates are pocket friendly is also very crucial and paramount.

1. Great Live Music Bar

In the lower East side of New York City you can come across an awesome live music performance venue called Great Live Music Bar. This live music bar is located in the original nightlife section of the city that has a lot of offerings for people who love to party and club hop from one venue to the next.

Many live music bars play a wide range of music genres depending on which day of the week it is or which event is taking place at a certain time. For people who have a diverse and rich taste in different genres of music, live music bars in New York City are just the venues to be in. After a busy day at work, one can also choose to head over to the Great live Music Bar in the lower East Side of New York City to get that much needed fun time with friends and family. This live music venue offers many party treats such as exotic drinks and cocktails to the fans enjoying the really nice music being played by musicians, singers and even special guests.

This venue can be easily accessed free of charge or at a small fee of 5 to 10 dollars per show. This live music bar can be easily located near Ludlow Street. The party and live music performances go on until the wee hours of the morning and this means that so much fun is guaranteed at the end of the night.

2. Cafe Wha

Cafe Wha is also among the best live music bars nyc that offers so much more than live music performance. This venue has so many musicians and singers performing each and every day of the week to soothe the needs of so many lovers of live music. The venue also has an extra advantage in that it has a large and diverse menu of delicious foods and delicacies all made available at affordable and pocket friendly prices. An assortment of drinks is also available on the bar menu for all those who love listening to some good music as they sip on a cold drink.

3. Pete’s Candy store

Another good place is Pete’s Candy store where one can get live country music performances on any day of the week. The live music performances are done in a special backroom that hosts music enthusiasts. Lovers of live music performances can participate in singing competition and tournaments on special weekly events hosted in this live music bar. There are however limited tables or seating space in this live music bar and prior booking is very much recommended.

4. Parkside live music bar and lounge

The Parkside live music bar and lounge is also a good place to visit when you are looking to have a good time in New York City. This live music performance venue has been steadily gaining popularity among inhabitants of this metropolitan. Many local bands, singers and Deejays get the chance to showcase their skills and talents on various days of the week. These performances are hosted in back rooms where people can choose on the shows they wish to watch.

5. Barbes

When looking for a jazz music live performance venue then the Barbes is the right place for you. Jazz music lovers can find a permanent home here. This venue offers some really nice jazz music performances that range from some really classical jazz music to some of the latest jazz music options in the world today.

Live music bars nyc are known to have a nice allure to music lovers who visit the city from all over the world. Tourists and people traveling through this big city should definitely set aside some time to enjoy what the live music bars in New York City have to offer.

Live music bars nyc all have something in common which is the quality service and a rich and vibrant music culture present in all the above mentioned venues. There are so many other viable live music performance venues within the vicinity of this city.

6. Bitter End live music bar

A major landmark venue that cannot be forgotten is the Bitter End live music bar. This is the home of local singers and song writers that specialize in composing some really nice folk songs. The performances by these talented singers and song writers are quite captivating and artistic to say the least. A music lover will feel happy and satisfied with what this live music venue has to offer.

All in all, the music culture is gradually evolving in New York. Many wannabe singers, musicians, instrument players and song writers come to this big city looking for a chance to showcase their talents to the rest of the world. There is no better way of getting to be an audience to these talented and beautiful acts that visiting any of the above mentioned live music bars nyc. Take some time and listen to some live music performances in New York.

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