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17 May Visit the best nightclub in Chicago

Best Nightclub in Chicago - Birthday Bottle ServiceWhen you are planning a night out on the town, or if you are planning an event for a group of friends, you want to visit the best nightclub in Chicago for the night. Since many of the top rated clubs are difficult to get in to, it is important to know how to work with the right company, for planning the event, so you gain access to some of the finest clubs the big city has to offer.

Not only does Chicago have some of the hottest clubs in the US, they also have clubs which are packed with celebrities, and have excellent levels, with different types of music, atmospheres, and great scenery, for any group to enjoy. No matter what type of event you are planning, who the guests are, what age they are, or what type of scenery you are after, you can plan to visit some of the best nightclub in Chicago in the city, when you book your next party with our coordinator specialists.

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8Fifty8 in the West loop offers a high class feel, with an upscale lounge and dress code. If you want something a little more laid back, Dolphin is a great club, that features several levels and rooms, each providing a different theme or different atmosphere. Bevy in River North is also a great club for those who like the laid back style, with an upper class group of visitors. Board Room is a great club on the North Side, for elite groups, for those who are planning a work event, or for those individuals who like an upper class party.

Regardless of which of these, or any other best nightclub in Chicago venues you want to visit, our event coordinator will work with you, and help you select the ideal venue.

If you have older guests or younger guests, depending on the type of music you enjoy, the atmosphere, and whether you prefer a club that is packed, or something that is a little more selective, we have event specialists that will work with you, and help you plan the perfect evening.

Whether you are celebrating a 21st birthday party, are hosting a work party or function, are planning a bachelor party, or even a retirement party for a family member or friends, our specialist will work with you at all phases, to ensure everything goes to plan at whichever destination you decide on for the event.

Save, and enjoy the night

We provide two different options when it comes to the type of service we have for our guests. With the bottle package, you receive buy one get one free bottle, one table, a VIP guest list, plus you will have a coordinator that is set to work with you and the event you are planning. Not only will the coordinator work to plan things out, so you can relax and enjoy the festivities, they will also help choose the right best nightclub in Chicago, to ensure all who are going to be in attendance will enjoy the club you choose to host the venue at.

The second type of package that you can choose for the event is the no cost package. If you have a group of twenty or more, you are going to receive complimentary champagne for the entire evening and for all guests. You will also have a dedicated coordinator who is going to work with you in the planning process, and will help to create the VIP guest list to ensure all who are invited to the event, are going to get in to the club no matter how busy it is. Your coordinator will suggest which club is the right one, for the type of event and guests you are going to invite. They will also help set up the guest list to ensure all your guests are admitted entrance, even if it is a very busy night at the club.

Don’t sit in line

Some of the best nightclub in Chicago venues will have lines around the club. This means you can wait hours on end, and might not ever get in to the club on the busiest nights. The easiest way to avoid this from happening, and to ensure everyone gets in, is to work with our coordinators, and to have either of the two package options we offer, for the club you want to set the event up at. By setting up the guest list, your guests are guaranteed access at the door, so you and everyone you invite, can enjoy the evening together. No matter how big your group is, if you set up your package with us, they are going to get in the doors, and are going to be able to enjoy the event you have planned for the night, at any of the hottest clubs you choose for the venue.


We offer affordable package options. Whether it is a group of five, or twenty, or more, we work with you to ensure the most cost efficient, and most enjoyable event for you and for your guests. With our packages, you are going to enjoy drinks for less, won’t force every guest to pay a cover charge, and can really enjoy all that the finest clubs in Chicago have to offer. We work with you, and we plan the evening, so that you can save, and so all your guests can really enjoy everything that the city has to offer.

If you are in charge of planning an event, or if you simply want to enjoy the Chicago nightlife, let us help you truly enjoy what the city has to offer, at the best nightclub in Chicago venues in the city. Not only will we plan everything, and get you the VIP treatment you deserve, we also work with you to ensure you are saving for the evening, and that you get in to any of the hottest clubs that the city has to offer to visitors and locals alike.

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