10 Reasons to Choose a Bottle Service Package for Any Party

18 Jul 10 Reasons to Choose a Bottle Service Package for Any Party

If you’re planning an upscale party or event, there is no better resource than a Birthday Bottle Service package. We’re the perfect choice for those looking to have a memorable experience with their fun loving friends. Whether it’s a small event or you have many friends you wish to party the night away with, we’ve listed 10 of the many reasons to count on Birthday Bottle Service for your next event.

A Stylish Place to Sit

When you’re using Birthday Bottle Service, you are guaranteed a place to sit down if tired and needing a break from the dancefloor. A specific table is reserved for you and your friends in need of rest, or, just wanting to visit and socialize. This will give your crew a chance to rest up, recharge and catch that much needed second wind before Round Two of dancing. For those who’ve had a busy day, this is also a perfect opportunity to sit down and enjoy a few drinks with their friends, Birthday Bottle Service is the ideal choice for you.

Making an Entrance

bottle service packageWhy deal with that endless line, ridiculous cover charge, and bullish doorman with an anger problem? If you’re not choosing Birthday Bottle Service, the following possibilities become probabilities: not getting in at all, entrance into the club after standing in that lengthy line and paying that cover charge, or getting in without a line or cover because this isn’t a club anyone with common sense wants to party in,.

Reserving Birthday Bottle Service allows you to forgo the ‘privilege’ of paying money just to pay more money cover charge and lets you skip the line and join the party you’ve been daydreaming about all week long.

A Bottle Service Package is Affordable

Seriously. Looking at the breakdowns for a typical night out at the posh nightclub, Birthday Bottle Service provides a vast improvement for your event without a drastic uptick in total cost. Our bottle service package options cater to any budget.

Look at it like this: if you went bar hopping and go to only two bars with a cover charge and grab a few drinks at each while buying a drink or two for a friend or companion, you’re eclipsing the cost of letting Birthday Bottle Service handle the details to ensure your party goes off without a hitch.

Avoiding the Line at the Bar

bottle service packageIf you aren’t using Birthday Bottle Service, you still have to line up at the bar and hope the bartender heard your drink order over the music and crowd noise. The back-and-forth to and from the bar gets in the way of your good time. Bottle service at your own table allows you to keep the libations, conversation and good times flowing,

It’s a Private Party

With you own comfortable place away from the hustle and bustle of the club, conversations are not a distinct possibility, they’re a reality Your own private table provided by Birthday Bottle Service allows you to get to know your party better, and helps further strengthen that party bond.

The Art of Attraction

We’ve all been there – trying to create an opening with someone who’s caught your eye on the dancefloor. Failed attempts to start up conversation over the crushing beats and bass of the DJ, while throngs of passers by elbow, knee and or bump into both of you. Your private space provided by Birthday Bottle Service gives you an ideal place to get away from the action of the club and make that connection you just couldn’t on the dancefloor.

A Secure Location

All of your and your parties valuables will be safe and sound if you’re using Birthday Bottle Service. No need to look over your shoulder to make sure your belongings are accounted for; no need to break your stride on the dancefloor, no need to worry. You and your belongings are secured and all you need to worry about is having the time of your life.

A Meetup Location for Your Group

Instead of establishing easily forgotten rendezvous locations throughout the club, you’ve got your own space that everyone will know and can find. This is especially helpful if your group is spread out or aren’t sticking together for the majority of the night,


bottle service packageBeing the point person for a party or event is a lot of work.What good is a great party if you are too busy to enjoy yourself? Having a bottle service package allows you to focus your energy on having fun and embracing the party vibe. Relax, unwind and make the most of this opportunity to make a lasting memory.

Expertise and Experience

The average person isn’t a professional event planner or club owner. We may not know what goes into an unforgettable event, club night, or show. Not everyone knows what goes into their favorite cocktail, or that there are similar drinks using the same alcohols or mixers that might also light up their night. Birthday Bottle Service has years of nightlife and live event experience, and it shows with each successful event. With BBS at your side, your next party or event is a guaranteed success that saves you the hassle of planning it on your own.

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