10 Ways to Make Your Halloween House Party a Success

12 Sep 10 Ways to Make Your Halloween House Party a Success

Although it feels like summer has barely ended, Halloween is already just around the corner. Halloween isn’t just for kids and trick-or-treating. Adults can have a great time during this old tradition too. Whether throwing a spooky party is a longstanding tradition or you’re wanting to try something new, here are our top 10 ways to make your Halloween house party a success.

1. Send out your invites now

The earlier you send out invitations for your Halloween house party, the better. Most people will decide whether to go out, attend a Halloween party, or stay at home and pass out candy within the first couple of weeks of October. Reserve your friends’ time now for a great turnout on Hallow’s Eve.

2. Set a theme

Halloween house partyGore? Gothic? Zombie? Ironic? Free for all? Having a theme is a great way to set the tone of your night. When you have a theme, you can match your food, drink, and decor to really make the night memorable when everyone is in the spirit. Best of all, you can even host a themed costume competition to encourage people to wear fantastic costumes.

3. Plan your food and drinks with all of your guests in mind

While delivery pizza is a great party standby, Halloween-themed food and drink are always fun additions to this once-a-year event. Just make sure to have options for friends with dietary restrictions!

4. Choose your entertainment – and stick to it

Whether you’re watching horror movies, playing board games, or just socializing, don’t leave the choice of entertainment up to your guests. Everyone has a favorite Halloween movie or tradition, and no one will come to an agreement on what’s best. Spare everyone some frustration by having a plan in mind before sending out your first invitation.

5. Decorate your home

Halloween house partyThere’s nothing like decorations to set the mood for your Halloween house party. Decorate your home and have some fun with it. Not a decorator? Enlist some friends to help and simultaneously get the party started early!

6. Make Accommodations for a Night of Drinking

As host, it’s important to make sure that all of your guests can get home safely. If nothing else, make sure there’s a space for guests to crash just in case they can’t drive home if they’ve had one drink too many.

Make sure your guests get home safely by…

  • Having the number of the local taxi company at hand
  • Calling an Uber or Lyft
  • Making sure everyone has a dedicated driver
  • Setting up an airbed in the living room
  • Having a freshly-made guest room (if you have one)

7. Provide some games

Games aren’t just for kids. Board games (Ouija, anyone?) and card games are the perfect socializing medium. Don’t have games on hand? Ask your friends to bring their favorites to the party for a game-board version of a potluck.

8. Play a spooky podcast

Halloween house partyKick off the night or set aside some time to set the spooky Halloween mood with a podcast. Lore and The No Sleep Podcast are two fantastic podcasts that will be sure to chill even your most stoic friend’s blood.

9. Put away the phones!

It’s no secret that we check our phones far too often. While there’s nothing wrong with taking photos or posting updates to Twitter, why not try something old school? Get a disposable camera or even better, a Polaroid, and encourage your guests to take photos throughout the night so you can have some truly unique mementos of a fantastic party.

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