5 Fun Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

end of summer

04 Jul 5 Fun Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

The fourteen weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day seem to go by in an instant. You’ve likely gotten a righteous tan and had more than your fair share of waves, beach parties and great memories. Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of what’s left and make a few more lifelong memories. Here are 5 fun ways to make the most of these end of summer days and nights.

1. Have a Summer-Themed Movie Night

end of summerSummer blockbuster are just more fun when viewed with fun people. This is undeniable fact. Whether it’s grabbing favorites from your personal collection, Netflix, Hulu or any of the countless other services offering deep film libraries, your options are endless when it comes to movie night.

Movie night is also a great way to beat the end of summer heat wave. Stock up on snacks and drinks, then gather up your fellow film lovers and make a night of it!

2. Spend a Weekend at a Beach Town

Beach towns are the living embodiment of summer, nothing captures the essence of summertime like them, There is no better way to celebrate your last weekend (or week) than with a group of friends and family than crossing all of your favorite summer activities off the list; drinks on the beach, party by the pool and sunset walks all have you returning back to town feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on your everyday life.

3. Organize a Group Sunrise

end of summerSummertime is a notoriously great time to sleep in, but the end of summer also brings the last of the early sunrises. What a more spiritual and refreshing way to begin your day than with a group of your favorite people assembled to watch one Earth’s most dramatic displays?

Sunrise viewings can be planned or spontaneous. A sunrise can be the perfect finish to a party for those who don’t want to end the night once the nightclub shuts for the night. Beginning or end of party sunrises are a surefire way to create lasting memories of a summer that won’t be soon forgotten.

4. Visit Your Local Farmers Market

The last of the fresh, local produce are ripe for the picking and are not to be missed. Whether you  wish to enjoy them fresh and on the spot or preserve them for later, this is your opportunity to grab the last of the best of the season. Preserved fruits and vegetables can (and will) be star attractions when put on the table during those colder, winter months.

5. Have a “Goodbye to Summer” Party at a Local Rooftop Bar

Cantina Rooftop NYCThe perfect location for those who wish to stay in town while soaking up the sun, moon and stars. Rooftop bars are an ideal combination of relaxing and upscale, and provide the perfect balance of intimate time to connect with your party while never foregoing service. Dancing the night away with an artisan cocktail in a lounge environment would be an unforgettable climax to the summer.

Cantina Rooftop, located in the heart of New York City, is a Mexican-inspired rooftop lounge ideal for enjoying the last of summer’s long days. There is spacious seating to fit all of your closest friends. The food is top notch and there is no shortage of drinks to go around.

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